Everything You Need to Know About H&M’s Latest Beauty Collection

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Everything You Need to Know About H&M’s Latest Beauty Collection

Here's everything you need to know about Global Fusion, H&M's latest beauty venture, before the limited-edition collection sells out for good.

H&M decided to give beauty lovers a special treat when it came out with an exclusive, limited-edition beauty collection: Global Fusion. Bold pigments, unique formulas and expensive-looking, gorgeous packaging (with a small price tag) have us clicking "checkout" like crazy before they're sold out. Who would've thought that the brand that provides us with on-trend fast fashion would soon become a go-to source for glam and unique beauty essentials?

Beauty and style vloggers like Fashion Mumblr have already started to take note of the dramatic collection, offering their opinions and expertise. See her full video about the collection below.

The line is perfect for the adventurous, someone who isn't afraid to take lip color to the next level (Related: Make Your Lipstick Last All Day). Daring shades of orange, magenta and red are only one aspect of what the line has to offer. The collection also brings bright eye shadow palettes and lip gloss to the table and some products have already sold out, including some of the more extreme lip colors. If you haven't shopped now, don't wait any longer or you'll miss out on these soon-to-be cult classics. What's really great about this line is that like other exclusive beauty lines at other stores, like Urban Outfitters, you can't find this makeup anywhere else.

Ready to take the plunge? Get your credit cards ready and snatch these babies up before they're gone for good.

1. Color Mascara
Available in a rich cornflower blue and what we can only describe as a mermaid shade of English Ivy, this mascara lets you go bold with one swipe on your lashes.

Color Mascara

H&M Global Fusion Color Mascara, in English Ivy, $12.99, H&M

2. Eyeshadow Palette
Get a cool, neutral look with this eyeshadow palette that comes in two color combinations. Layer the pigments on for a look that lasts.

Eye Shadow

H&M Global Fusion Eyeshadow Palette, in Cool Me Down, $12.99, H&M

3. Lip Gloss
After a swipe of this bold color, there's no doubt your lipstick will be poppin'. With three killer shades to choose from, you might as well buy them all.

Lip Gloss

H&M Global Fusion Lip Gloss, in Paint the Brown Red, $6.99, H&M

4. Eyeshadow Pencil
Make a statement with this bold, rich eyeshadow pencil. The pigment is gorgeous and applies easily for a look you're guaranteed to love.

Eye Shadow

H&M Global Fusion Eyeshadow Pencil, in Blue Planet, $7.99, H&M

5. Shimmer Drops
The name alone makes us want to try it. With two shades to choose from, a deep gold or soft silver, highlighting is infinitely easier and you'll be glowing all day.


H&M Global Fusion Liquid Shimmer, in Midas Touch, $9.99, H&M