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Dotted Eyeliner Has Been Spotted As The Makeup Trend Of The Season

We fell hard for the single dot eyeliner trend earlier this year, but Instagram has taken it to a whole new level. Introducing: dotted eyeliner. The trend that's making it cool to not only go outside of the lines, but to ignore them altogether! Check out these 10 dotted eyeliner looks that you'll definitely want to try.

Frosted Pink

1 / 10


Use a bright white to dot in your eyeliner and then make your lashes match, like this look from @_baked_goods! By using a vibrant eyeshadow behind it, there's no way your peepers won't stand out.

Photo: @_baked_goods | Instagram

Girls' Night Out

2 / 10


Try dotting just the top of your lashes and lining your bottom lashes with a bold line of color for your next night on the town. Swipe a big pop of color on your lips (like this gorgeous shade on @50shadesofvanitty ) and you're good to go.

Photo: @50shadesofvanitty| Instagram

Feelin' Dotty

3 / 10


This gorgeous look by @liithium_ uses a deep purple eyeliner dotted in a winged shape to give a classic cateye a modern update!

Photo: @liithium_ | Instagram

Damsel In Dots

4 / 10


By keeping your eyeshadow colors bold and dotting a bright white liner on top, you can create a praise-worthy look for any occasion. Just check out this killer eyemakeup from @alyssa____camille!

Photo: @alyssa____camille | Instagram

pink hair

5 / 10


No one said you had to stick with one color when trying the dotted eyeliner trend! @mariannecrossmua used a trifecta of colors to get her jaw-dropping look.

Photo: @mariannecrossmua | Instagram

Cross The T's And Dot Your Eyes

6 / 10


Dotted white eyeliner with a cool lavender lip and rosy cheek pull together this ice queen look. @lyninesse totally killed the trend with this makeover!

Photo: @lyninesse | Instagram

Few And Far Between

7 / 10


Instead of filling in your entire look with dots, take a tip from @justmary_makeup and try just outlining the look. It creates a subtle vibe that still makes a statement!

Photo: @justmary_makeup | Instagram

Green With Envy

8 / 10


Be the envy of all of your pals by using different shades of your favorite colors to dot your eyeliner. This gorgeously green masterpiece from @myranicole12 is the perfect example!

Photo: @myranicole12 | Instagram

Small But Mighty

9 / 10


Focus on using small, finely-spaced dots to give the illusion of a fuller look, like this bold and daring makeup from!

Photo: | Instagram

[Don't] Connect The Dots

10 / 10


In the dotted eyeliner trend, your dots don't have to be perfect. @mukulrichards proves that varied sizes and shapes can create a look that will show off your fun side!

Photo: @mukulrichards | Instagram

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