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Easy Eye Makeup to Flatter Brown Eyes

If you've got brown eyes, you're one of the lucky few who can totally pull off blue eyeshadow! Here's a sultry, navy smoky eye to really offset your beautiful browns.

You lucky brown-eyed girls! With eyes that serve as a neutral palette, you can literally rock any eye makeup color you please. No shadow color clashes with brown, therefore as a green/gray-eyed girl, I'm jealous. Eye makeup for brown eyes is limitless! There are certain colors that elevate your brown eye sex appeal though. Most brown eyes have warmth in them and one of my favorite contrasting cool tones is navy. Brown eyes are some of the few that can pull off shadows in the blue family beautifully. If you're a brown-eyed babe, here's how to create an easy and alluring navy smokey eye:

Easy Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

1. Apply a matte, mauve brown color to the crease with a crease brush. This will help the navy softly fade upward on the eyelid. I used Stila's Rain from their In The Know palette. It's a brown with a hint of a purple undertone so it pairs well with a cool tone like navy.

2. Next, taking a flat shader brush, begin to press a matte navy shadow like NYX Nude Matte in In the Buff (very strange name for a deep navy, I know!) from your lash line up toward the crease.

Easy Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

3. Dip a blending brush into a bluish charcoal gray like Urban Decay's Gunmetal and softly apply to the outer third of the lid and a bit into the crease.

4. Line your top lash line with a deep black pencil liner. Smudge out the liner with a pencil brush.

Easy Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

5. Sketch liner onto the outer third of your lower lash line, then smudge it out with your pencil brush dipped into the navy shadow again.

6. Now apply mascara to top and bottom lashes.

Easy Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

7. Add false lashes for more drama!

Pair this sexy date night eye with a nude lip. I lined Annie's lips with the NYX Slim Lip Pencil in Nude Beige and topped with a caramel colored gloss. Give it a try brown-eyed girls! Pin the graphic below for a quick reference later, too.

For more makeup tutorials by Ivy, visit Wake Up for Makeup.

Ivy Boyd

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but it's creating works of art on faces that I love most. By day, I am a Senior Education Consultant for Sephora as well as a freelance makeup artist. The rest of the time, I'm creating content for my makeup and beauty blog, Wake Up for Makeup, reading product reviews, watching tutorial videos and reading makeup artist books. I live and breathe this stuff and if you could eat makeup, I'd probably do that too. I also love painting abstracts, running, attending music festivals and acting weird with my husband and our two awesome cats. I'm here to tell you what products are legit, how to better use the ones you have, give you ideas to shake up your routine and guide you through some fun tutorials I know you can dominate.

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