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How to Create a Sunset Smoky Eye Look

This metallic eyeshadow look is inspired by the romantic oranges and golds of the sunset. Pair this look with your favorite little black dress, or keep it casual with jeans and a T-shirt. Either way, it's a perfect date night look.

Start this romantic look with an eyeshadow primer. Use your ring finger to pat primer all over both eyelids—it will keep you eyeshadows from slipping or creasing. Next, brush a light metallic gold or copper eyeshadow from your lashline to the crease of your lid. Then load an angled eyeshadow brush with a dark brown or scarlet color and apply it only to your crease. Next, add dimension to the look by applying a copper shadow only to the outer corner of your eye. Then brush light gold eyeshadow from your crease to your eyebrow to highlight your brow bone. Intensify the pigment by patting on another layer of gold shadow with your finger. You can also use your finger and the gold eyeshadow to add a pop of gold to the middle of your eyelid. Once all the shadows are in place, use a brush and your finger to blend the colors so there are no harsh lines. This is what gives the look a smoky feel. Finally, add two coats of your favorite mascara to finish your romantic eye look.

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