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How to Get the Look: Cut Crease Tutorial

With the sun setting earlier and earlier each evening, fall is the perfect time to start experimenting with more dramatic eye looks. I created a cut crease tutorial to show you how to add high drama and high impact!

Popularized by super fabulous drag queens, a cut crease is a sharply-defined, exaggerated eye crease shape, mostly commonly done with eyeliner and blended out. Although it looks complicated, and definitely takes a little practice, when broken down, this cut crease tutorial makes it quite simple and can make a small eye actually look larger. This would be a great look for a bachelorette party or a night out dancing.

To create this look, you'll need the following products:

  • Pale, shimmery vanilla eye shadow like Urban Decay Virgin from the Naked Palette.
  • Black cream or gel eyeliner like Smashbox Jet Set Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black.
  • Black eye shadow like Urban Decay Creep from the Naked Palette.
  • Burgundy or purple matte eye shadow like MAC Blackberry.
  • Black liquid eyeliner like Kat Von D Tattoo liner in Trooper.
  • Maybelline Lash Discovery waterproof mascara.
  • L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara.
  • Optional: Set of false lashes like e.l.f. Natural Lash Kit.

Also, the following tools will make the process much easier for you:

  • Flat shader brush for applying lid color like Sephora Pro Shader Brush #18.
  • Smudge brush like Sephora Classic Smudge Brush.
  • Synthetic, angled liner brush like e.l.f. Studio Small Angled Brush.
  • Small crease brush like Sephora Classic Crease Shadow Brush.
  • Pencil brush like Sephora Pro Precision Smudge Brush #29.

Ready to cut those creases ladies? Let’s do the damn thing:

  1. Begin with primed eyelids and pat the shimmery vanilla shade all over the lid with your flat shader brush.
  2. Take your angled liner brush and draw a thin line of gel or cream liner just above your natural crease, winging it out at the end slightly.
  3. Immediately smudge and blend the line upwards with a dense smudge brush dipped in black shadow.
  4. Follow with a matte burgundy or purple shadow on a small crease brush, blending upwards toward the brow.
  5. Reinforce your original crease line by going back over with the gel or cream liner.
  6. Create a dramatic winged cat eye line with liquid liner.
  7. Apply a burgundy or purple shade to the lower lash line and follow with mascara.
  8. Coat your top and bottom lashes with mascara.
  9. Apply a set of false lashes if desired.
  10. Be awesome and fabulous and rule the world.

Watch the video below to see how to create a cut crease eye.

For more makeup inspiration from Ivy go to Wake Up For Makeup!

Ivy Boyd

I have a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, but it's creating works of art on faces that I love most. By day, I am a Senior Education Consultant for Sephora as well as a freelance makeup artist. The rest of the time, I'm creating content for my makeup and beauty blog, Wake Up for Makeup, reading product reviews, watching tutorial videos and reading makeup artist books. I live and breathe this stuff and if you could eat makeup, I'd probably do that too. I also love painting abstracts, running, attending music festivals and acting weird with my husband and our two awesome cats. I'm here to tell you what products are legit, how to better use the ones you have, give you ideas to shake up your routine and guide you through some fun tutorials I know you can dominate.

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