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Your No-Fail Guide to Finding the Perfect Color Eyeliner for Your Eye Color

Every lady loves a good winged liner, and using jet black has always been a safe option. However, If you're feeling adventurous, here are new subtle eyeliner colors to try that will make your eyes pop.

Fall is approaching, and our sun-kissed skin is quickly fading away. With the change of a season, there's generally a change of makeup weight and color palette. If you are through testing purple lips, berry cheeks, or flirty eyeshadows, try adding color eyeliner to the mix. A winged liner has become a staple for most women; here's which colors to rock to complement your eye color as well as brighten and widen your eyes, as shown by some daring and colorful women on Instagram.

Colored Eyeliner for Blue Eyes

For Blue Eyes: Turquoise or Purple
Pure blue colors can make blue eyes get lost in all the color. Opt for a thick line of turquoise or purple to bring out the deep blue color of your eyes.

Colored Eyeliner for Brown Eyes

For Brown Eyes:PureCobalt

While bright blues don't complement blue eyes, they bring out the gorgeous light hues in brown eyes.

Colored Eyeliner for Green Eyes

For Green Eyes: Red -Based Earthy Tones

If we look at the color wheel—red and green are complementary. The same goes for eye colors. Look for bronze or amethyst tones that are red-based. Pro tip: Avoid pink-based tones because they can make your eyes look tired.

Colored Eyeliner for Hazel Eyes

For Hazel Eyes: Plum or Green
Hazel eyes are fascinating because they are a mixture of several tones. Try plum or green shades to bring out the sparkles in your hazel eyes.


Colored Eyeliner for Tired Eyes

For Tired Eyes: Layer Colors
When you're tired, layer up on colors. First line your eyes with black eye liner, and then add a bright color on top.

Colored Eyeliner for Bigger Eyes

To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger: White or Beige
To make your eyes look bigger, do your usual makeup routine; then add a white or beige-colored eyeliner along your bottom water line and inner corners. The light reflecting on the light colors will create the illusion of having bigger eyes.

Terressa Dotson

Terressa is a certified personal trainer and lover of all things girly. She's not afraid to peel back the layers of anxiety, weight loss, seasonal trends and everything in between. You can always expect kick-ass workouts with a little flare from this giraffe lover. Outside of blogging, Terressa loves trying local restaurants around Milwaukee (midwest represent!) and spending time with life-long friends, family and dogs.

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