Feather Brows Are The Most Controversial Beauty Trend On Instagram RN

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Feather Brows Are The Most Controversial Beauty Trend On Instagram RN

Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen started the trend as a joke, but Instagrammers have latched on to the new brows trend!

We're always up for a new trend, but the latest in eyebrow trends might even have us bristling our feathers a bit.

We thought we had mastered all there is to eyebrows: filling in, microblading, highlighting, a bit of glitter when we're feeling fab, etc. But Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen (@stella.s.makeup) has shown us how oh-so-wrong we were.

Introducing: feather brows.

Recently, Sironen posted the first known image of the brow after a friend of hers dreamed up the look while brushing her brows. And while the photo (that was actually posted as a joke) garnered almost instant attention from the beauty community, with many praising her bold and daring brows. However, as with all innovative ideas, there was also a distinct group of followers who could not have been more turned off.

But in spite of the haters, the makeup artist followed up her first post with yet another feather brow, and thus, a trend was born.



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"But how?" one might wonder.

We'll be the first to tell you that it's not as easy as parting your brows down the middle. (Because nothing in the beauty world is ever that simple.) Instead, you can get the quill-lookalike hairs by taking a glue stick to your arches to spread 'em and stick 'em.




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And albeit, while it takes a bit to get used to, we'd be lying if we told you that we hadn't started to warm up to the feather brow. Sure, it might not be something we flock to in our daily routines, we're definitely not hating what Instagrammers and beauty gurus are starting to do with it.

And who knows? Maybe we're officially looking at the future of eyebrows!