Floral Lip Art Will Give You The Prettiest Pout Around

by admin

Floral Lip Art Will Give You The Prettiest Pout Around

Spring is officially on its way, and these floral patterned lips will have you fully ready to greet the season with the sweetest smile!


Floral Can Never Be Wrong



No matter what kind of mood you're in, @vladamua proves that floral designs are always the answer.


Wish Lips



We'd wish on a field of dandelions for this look by @vladamua to be on our lips right this second!


A Rose Gold Twist



We loved rose gold before, but add actual roses to the look like this lip art by @swetlanapetuhova and you've hit the jackpot. 


Cotton Candy Flowers



Who doesn't love a sweet treat? With this colorful, cotton candy lip art lookalike from @theminaficent, your pucker will look as sweet as the flowers smell.


Iced Over



This icy, blue floral look from @ryankellymua is the coolest way to greet spring this year, and we'd definitely take the matching nails, too!


Black Floral



Floral lip art doesn't always have to mean pastels and bright colors. This black floral look by @ryankellymua gives us floral with the perfect amount of fierceness!


Purple Rain



This gorgeous floral print lip with a purple drip from @sarahmcgbeauty reminds us all that waking up and smelling the roses is anything but boring.


3-D Floral



If you're going to go floral, you might as well go big, like this lip art look from @giulia.m.u.a. The tiny little decals are the cutest way to celebrate spring!


Bubble Gum Floral Lips



A glossy, bubble gum floral lip like this one from @mimles is an adorable way to make your pout seriously stand out!


Metallic Floral



Ugh. Everything about this metallic floral lip art from @missjazminad is perfection. It might still be winter outside, but spring has definitely bloomed on these lips!


Edgy Floral



Floral with an edge is how @beat.rice00 likes to keep it, and this purple, spiked look is the ideal solution.


Navy Spring



This simple floral lip art created by @sisandihairandbeauty is just simply perfect.


Pretty In Pink



The slight shimmer on top of an already-gorgeous pink base and those miniature roses seriously take this pout from @maggie0285 to the next level.