The Force is with CoverGirl’s New Star Wars Makeup Collection

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The Force is with CoverGirl’s New Star Wars Makeup Collection

We had our doubts about CoverGirl's most recent makeup release—movie-inspired products aren't always as high-quality as their inspiration—but this collection, designed by the legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath, is truly out of this world.


As if we weren't already excited for Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens, CoverGirl just announced a totally rad makeup line that's entirely Star Wars-themed. While they've only released two of the six conceptual beauty looks, we're already in complete awe. And it's no wonder: Pat McGrath, the master makeup artist behind Kim Kardashian's stunning Cleopatra look and hundreds of dramatic runway faces, is responsible for both the edgy Stormtrooper and golden Droid makeup (She-3PO?) looks. She was also the creative genius behind the rest of the line.

Star Wars fan herself, McGrath told The Huffington Post she was "beyond thrilled" to be a part of the Disney, CoverGirl and Max Factor collaboration. With half of the products on the light side of the Force and half on the dark, the collection is full of nods to the classic movie series. For instance, five of the 10 limited edition mascaras feature quotes from the light side …


… and the other five feature classic dark-side lines.


Is it just us, or do half of the lipsticks come in light colors, and the other half in dark? You may recognize the dark purple from the Stormtrooper look and the gold from the Droid.


Don't worry; your nails weren't left out. The collection also includes three nail colors to coordinate with your larger-life-lashes and bold lips.


While the movie won't be released until December 18, 2015, the makeup line hits stores September 4th (get what they did with the date there?). I suppose that playing with some new makeup may help make the time go faster. Until then, may the Force be with you!