A Full Look with One Product: Try a Blush-Bronzer Duo

by admin

A Full Look with One Product: Try a Blush-Bronzer Duo

If you have a blush-bronzer duo like FLOWER Glow Baby Glow Blush-Bronzer Duo, you have everything you need to create a full-face makeup look. It's so easy you need only one product, and it just takes five minutes!

Whether you've arrived at your spring break destination sans makeup bag or you're just running behind in the morning, this full-face tutorial solves your problem. It requires just one product and no special makeup skills. Since you're using only two colors all over the face, you'll get a look that appears pulled-together and polished.


1. To contour the eye, use a crease brush and the bronzer in your blush-bronzer duo. Sweep the color into the crease, working in small circular motions to lay down the color. Then follow with windshield-wiper motions to soften and blend. You can apply color to the lid if you'd like, but keep the eye-area look minimal and fresh.

2. Using a blush or bronzer brush, sweep bronzer along the contour areas: hairline, under the cheekbones, and at temples.


3. Next, switch to the blush color. Remember to also switch brushes to prevent the color from getting muddy. Using your new brush, sweep the color onto the cheeks.

4. Lastly, dip your ring finger into the blush shade, and apply to lips in a patting motion. This will give lips a pretty, matte, stained look. Top with a gloss if you prefer more shine.


5. That's it! So easy, right? You can look effortlessly pretty with minimal product and effort.

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