Get the Look: Taylor Swift’s Perfectly Precise Lips

by Allison Ford

Get the Look: Taylor Swift’s Perfectly Precise Lips

The matte red lipstick is Swift’s beauty signature—she wears it in videos, on cover shoots, and to awards shows—and she rocks it each and every time, mostly due to the absolute high-def-friendly precision with which it’s drawn. The secret is applying and maintaining it the right way.


Things Taylor Swift is not so good at:


  • Feigning modesty
  • Having relationships
  • Ending relationships
  • Subtlety 


Things Taylor Swift is totally awesome at:


  • Songwriting (c’mon, even if you don’t like her you have to admit she’s talented)
  • Wearing red lipstick


Here’s how to get a Taylor-approved lip look this holiday season.

1. Exfoliate and moisturize
Matte lipstick already has a lower moisture content than shimmers and glosses, so don’t apply it to already-dry or cracked lips—it’ll highlight flakiness, rough texture, and make a chappy situation even worse. Start by sloughing off dead skin with a lip scrub (like sara happ The Lip Scrub Lip Exfoliator) to leave lips smooth and silky, then finish with a nourishing balm to keep them supple.

2. Apply a reverse lipliner
For definition as razor-sharp as Taylor’s trace the outside line of the lips with a flesh-colored reverse lip liner. It prevents feathering and color migration, just like an invisible barrier. It also helps create a slightly fuller look, too. (we like DuWop Reverse Lipliner)

3. Use a lip brush
For ultra-precise application, a tube of lipstick doesn’t hold a candle to a fine lip brush. Start with a clean brush to carefully draw the line of the outer lips, making sure to get the corners of the mouth and the cupid’s bow. Then use it to fill in the middle. Make a “kissy” face and be sure to get all the visible nooks and crannies.  Try NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Red Lizard.

For a tiny touch of shine, add a small dab of clear gloss or Vaseline in the middle of the lips, then blot outward.

4. Be vigilant about reapplying
Matte lipstick is an inherently high-maintenance look. After sipping a cocktail, eating, or licking lips, reapply lipstick with the lip brush for fresh, impeccable color.


Photo Credit: Rich Fury/Getty Images