Glitter Concealer Is One Cover-Up Trend That Definitely Won’t Blend In

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Glitter Concealer Is One Cover-Up Trend That Definitely Won’t Blend In

Perk up for a long week and hide those bags under your eyes with this stellar glitter concealer trend.

Looking for something to brighten the dreary, winter months, cover those dark bags under your eyes, and make a total statement every time you enter a room all in one punch? Of course, the internet has the answer, and of course, it involves glitter.

Introducing: the perfection that is glitter concealer.

TBH, it's so brilliant, we're not sure how this hasn't been a thing yet, but t-goodness it is now. Sure, our everyday under-eye makeup might have to stay the same, (depending on your office-vibes!). But come the weekend, you can bet your bottom dollar that every trace of those dark circles will be covered in glittery perfection.

The choice is yours in the decision of how bold and chunky (or not) to make your glitter. I'm going to definitely need some big ole' glitter flakes to cover up my circles if we're being honest. But no matter what look you go for, the process is the same.

Step 1: Apply your favorite concealer under your eyes. No need to go super heavy, but make sure there's enough for the glitter to stick to!

Step 2: While the concealer is still wet, use either your fingers or a flat brush to press on the glitter of your choice. (Unicorn snot would work great for this, too!)

Step 3: For a more multi-dimensional look if you chose to go thicker, press a finer version of a similar-appearing glitter to fill in the empty spaces.

We are so in love with this shimmery cover-up, and it just goes to show that the world can never have too much glitter.



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