Halloween-Inspired Fall Makeup

by admin

Halloween-Inspired Fall Makeup

Dressing up for Halloween may or may not be your thing anymore. How many times can one dress up as a sexy cat anyway? That doesn’t mean you can’t let your beauty routine be inspired by the spooky holiday! Fall is here and Halloween is just arond the corner—these are exciting times! It means darker eye shadows, deeper lip colors, and an altogether more dramatic look.

I’ve created a fall makeup look inspired by Halloween; it features all-matte shadows, glossy dark purple lips, and an almost doll-like set of berry cheeks. Amp up or tone down the colors as you wish!

This particular look reminds me of a cross between a witch and a doll—both classic costume choices for Halloween. The dark, matte shadows and strong winged liner echo the style of a witch while the bright purple blush and big, wispy lashes bring to mind those creepy ceramic dolls. But if you’re done dressing up and just want to rock an inspired look, this is one way to do it.

Watch my video tutorial below to creat this Halloween-inspired fall makeup look! 

The products I used to create this look are:

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