Halloween Makeup How-To: Cleopatra Eye

by admin

Halloween Makeup How-To: Cleopatra Eye

If you’re going for a bold pop of color, this chic Cleopatra makeup look is perfect for any Halloween party.

What I Used:

Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Start out by applying an aqua color all over your lids up to your brows.
  2. Next, take liquid eyeliner and draw a line across your lower lash line, beginning at the inner corner and extending all the way out toward your brow.
  3. Then thicken the line and create a square edge at the very end.
  4. Draw a very simple line across your top lash line to define the shape, but the focus should be on the bottom lash line.
  5. Give your eyes a luxe look by applying gold eyeliner just under the black line.
  6. Finally, use a black eyeliner to draw over your brows, connecting the end of your brow with the end of the liner.

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