Halloween Makeup How-To: Illusion Cartoon Cat Face

by admin

Halloween Makeup How-To: Illusion Cartoon Cat Face

If you’re ready to go all out this Halloween, try an illusion like this cartoon kitty look!

What I Used:

Step-by-Step Directions:

  1. Before you began working on the eyes, cover your entire face, including your lips, with a concealer.
  2. Start the eyes by covering your lids from lash line to brows with an off-white shaodow. Then use a white shadow to layer over your eyes, creating a nice matte white all over.
  3. Next, take a black gel eyeliner and use a small synthetic brush to draw the shape of the eyes over your lids. (Tip: You’ll have to be able to keep one eye open while you draw on the closed one!)
  4. Once you have the overall shape, go ahead and draw in the “pupil” of the eye and fill it in with the black gel liner, being sure to leave a tiny white space in each one to create dimension.
  5. Use a blue eyeliner to create the "iris," filling in between the lines.
  6. Using the black gel liner, draw lashes just above your eyebrows. Draw them any style you’d like!
  7. To create that stark “lash line,” cover your brows with an eyeliner like Anastasia Beverly Hills Covet Waterproof Eyeliner in Gilded.
  8. Moving on to the nose, use the same black gel liner to draw the shape of the cat nose at the very tip of your nose.
  9. Use a small synthetic brush to fill the nose shape in with a bright lipstick.
  10. You can’t have a cat look without whiskers! Use the gel liner to draw three flicks across each side of your face. Remember, this is a cartoon look so feel free to exaggerate!
  11. Finish off the look with a little powder to set the makeup and you’re done. Just be sure you practice keeping your eyes closed!

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