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10 Fierce Halloween Cat Makeup Ideas

We're always trying to find our next best Halloween costume. If you're feeling feline, we've got a litter of cat-tastic tutorials right here, including a full leopard face and Grumpy Cat. Take your Halloween cat makeup to the next level with these purr-fect ideas.

Simple Cat with Braided Ears

easy cat makeup

1 / 10


German beauty vlogger Annika Min takes the cat look one step further by including braided ears in this tutorial. She keeps the makeup quick and easy—a dewy complexion with a delicate cat eye and bold red lips.

Photo: Annika Min

Sexy Cat

halloween cat makeup

2 / 10


This gorgeous, feisty Halloween cat makeup look comes from Swiss beauty vlogger Julia Graf. Create a dramatic cat eye look using dark brown, black, tan, and pink eye shadows, and thickly line the tops and bottoms of the eyes with black gel line. Use this liner to create the wing too. Create leopard spots on the eyelid and up over the eyebrows by drawing tiny c's and u's. Liquid liner whiskers and two-tone lips finish off the look.

Photo: Julia Graf

Pretty Kitty

Halloween cat makeup

3 / 10


Abby Smith of Twist Me Pretty amps up the cat-eye liner with this tutorial. Dip the wing of the inner corner of the eye much lower, and be sure to wear some false lashes. Use a brow shadow with a bit of a red tone to fill in your brows, and make sure to widen the inside edge of each brow with a triangle shape. The two-tone lip is featured here—super-dramatic and super-easy.

Photo: Twist Me Pretty


easy cat makeup

4 / 10


This full leopard face looks difficult. But fear not, feline: Olena from I Am Just a Makeup Lover breaks it down, and we love her detail shots. Combine the fierce cat eye with the natural-looking leopard spots. All it takes: black liner, black and dark brown eye shadows, and bronzer. Trust us: This is totally easy cat makeup even non-makeup mavens can do.

Photo: I Am Just a Makeup Lover

Black Cat

cat makeup

5 / 10


To get this dramatic black cat makeup look from Vanity's Makeup, start by lining the top lash line and crease of the eye with black liner. Draw a cat-eye shape, and fill it in. Go over the shape with black shadow. Use bright white shadow to fade up toward the brow bone. Line the eye with black gel liner, and use liquid eyeliner to perfect lines. Use a dramatic mascara, and don't shy away from fake lashes here. Contour cheekbones with bronzer and blush. Line the top lip with black eyeliner, and draw a line to connect the lips to the cat nose. Draw on some whiskers, and people will pray that you won't cross their path.

Photo: Vanity's Makeup

Gold Leopard Print

halloween cat makeup

6 / 10


We can't get over this gorgeous bronzed leopard look from Joni Lynne of My Cherry Style. Start with a basic foundation to even skin tone and add glow, and use a shimmery bronze or gold eye shadow to highlight the area around the outside corner of each eye up to the temple. Draw gold dots using a pencil brush. Use black liquid eyeliner to outline the spots. Line the entire eye with black eye shadow, and get the waterline with a trusty black eyeliner. For a natural look, change up the sizes and locations of leopard spots.

Photo: My Cherry Style

Simple Kitty Cat

easy cat makeup

7 / 10


This easy cat makep look comes from beauty vlogger Sonia Castaneda. The black upper lip amps up a makeup look that can be achieved in 5 minutes. Use a pinky-bronze shadow on lids, and use deep black eyeliner to create a cat eye (see slides 1 and 2). Draw on your nose, whiskers, and top lip; and you're ready for a cat-tastic night out!

Photo: Sonia Castaneda

Sassy Cat (in a Hat)

cat makeup Halloween

8 / 10


With intense cat makeup looks like this, it's important to remember face lotion, powder, and primer. Setting the stage for your star beauty products is essential so you stay moisturized and won't break out later. Beauty vlogger TheMakeup switches things up and goes for a silvery cat eye, complete with glittery false lashes.

Photo: TheMakeup

Grumpy Cat

cat makeup halloween

9 / 10


Suzy Berhow, lifestyle and beauty vlogger, is known for her hilarious takes on makeup and style tutorials. Here, she re-creates Grumpy Cat's iconic frown. Start with a tinted moisturizer base, and use a white cream liner or shadow on the middle of the face, starting above the bridge of the nose and moving down to the chin. Use a light brown powder or bronzer on the eyes and cheeks and sides of the face to imitate Grumpy Cat's markings. Use a light pink lip liner on the bottom of your nose to create Grumpy Cat's nose and a brown liner to accentuate the trademark frown lines.

Photo: Suzy Berhow


cat makeup halloween

10 / 10


The makeup gurus at Sephora created this helpful drawing of a face incorporating a multitude of different cats. Try one section or the whole face!

Photo: Sephora

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