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11 Halloween Eye Makeup Looks to Try

As much as we love to get all dressed up in an awesome costume, no Halloween look is complete without the makeup. Sometimes all you need is a subtle finishing touch. Try these 11 Halloween eye makeup ideas that are sure to make you stand out.

Spiderwebbed Eyes

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Skip the messy spiderweb house decor, and opt for a creepy-crawly eye design instead. This makeup would look amazing with a black dress and killer pumps. Follow the tutorial, and if you're feeling a bit bare, glue a few small plastic spiders along your temple.

Photo: Goldie Starling

Bat Mask

2 / 11


Batman gets a pretty makeover with this bat mask tutorial from My Cherry Style. This tutorial takes a bit more time to get just right, and we recommend you have a mask or image to guide you along. It's totally worth it in the end. Just slip into an all-black outfit, tie on a cape, and bat those lashes.

Photo: My Cherry Style


3 / 11


Liz Taylor's iconic role in the 1963 film "Cleopatra" produced a star and an iconic beauty look. We fell in love with the queen's seductive eyes the second we saw them—which was years later, obviously—and haven't forgotten them since. Re-create Cleopatra's makeup for Halloween with this tutorial from Pixiwoo.

Photo: Pixiwoo

She Devil

4 / 11


Create a sexy she-devil makeup look with this easy-to-follow tutorial. Just add a red dress, sparkly horns, and a badass attitude.

Photo: Julia Graf

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay

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We're preparing for the release of "The Hunger Games: Mockingjay"—the third installation of the epic series—next month by channeling our inner phoenix through this eye makeup. Put on your best tribute outfit, and follow this tutorial for a winning Halloween look.

Photo: Vintage or Tacky

Tinker Bell

6 / 11


We've always wanted to be Tinker Bell, and for one magical night, our dreams can come true. The unofficial queen of Disney's look is super easy to emulate. All you need: some green eye shadow, stick-on rhinestones, and a whole lot of pixie dust. Follow the tutorial here.

Photo: The Beauty Bybel

Magnificent Maleficent

7 / 11


We've seen a ton of Maleficent makeup tutorials for Halloween. The Disney villain is sure to be one of the most popular looks this year. If you're not into full-face Halloween makeup, try this eye-focused look from xSparkage.

Photo: xSparkage

Candy Corn Eyes

8 / 11


Not into costumes but still want to show some spirit for the spooky night? Check out this simple and pretty eye makeup inspired by our favorite fall treat: candy corn. Tip: This makes a great daytime look for work or school before slipping into your costume at night. See the tutorial over at The Beauty Department.

Photo: The Beauty Department

Queen of Hearts

9 / 11


Whether you're channeling "Alice In Wonderland" or looking to add a bit of color to a casual Halloween outfit, this Queen of Hearts makeup tutorial will add extra oomph to your look.

Photo: Katie Alves

Peacock Palette

10 / 11


Add a subtle pop of color to an otherwise everyday makeup look with this peacock tutorial. Simplymodish created the look with five colors and a lot of blending—extra points if you paint your hair and throw in some feathers.

Photo: Simplymodish

Third-Eye Blind

11 / 11


Two eyes not enough for you? Try this freaky lip design from Psycho Sandra. She created the lip look using cream makeup and a set of falsie lashes. Follow her tutorial, slip into your costume, and you'll have all eyes on you.

Photo: Psycho Sandra

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