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How To Rule Halloween With Snapchat-Inspired Makeup

What better way to honor your favorite app than with recreations of those snappy, cute and sometimes downright scary Snapchat filters? You'll score points for originality, and you won't have to break the bank.

Halloween is fast-approaching, but chances are you're probably still searching for that perfect costume. If going as your favorite movie character or celebrity for the fifth year in a row sounds like a total snooze fest, look no further than your favorite smartphone app.

You've probably wasted hours of your precious time playing with Snapchat's crazy cool filters, from swapping faces with your significant other to turning into a super conversational high-pitched bee.

Why not capitalize on this social media craze and create low-cost, but completely memorable, Snapchat filter-inspired makeup guaranteed to be the talk of your spooky soirée? These incredible YouTube ladies are here with tutorials to follow.

And the best part is, you won't need a filter all Halloween night long.

1. Puke the Rainbow

The first Snapchat filter to take the world by storm was this bright, bizarre, vomiting rainbow fountain. Here's to hoping that's the only puke you'll encounter on All Hallow's Eve.

2. So Fly, Butterfly

Everyone looks good in the butterfly filter, so grab your favorite gold and metallic makeup products and be sure to quickly sparkly headband. You'll be golden!

3. Moving Art

Don't be daunted by this super colorful filter — if you invest in some matte lipsticks, you'll be your own personal piece of art in no time.

4. Flower Crown Yourself

If you were thinking about becoming a hippie or Coachella attendee for Halloween, just make a quick flower crown and re-create this makeup tutorial. You'll be able to masquerade as the iconic filter and a flower child!

5. Out Of This World Alien

Halloween is the perfect excuse to prove to everyone you're out of this world — literally. Grab some face paint and fake lashes, and you're sure to rule the galaxy.

6. Don't You Forget My Face Recognition

Lazy beauties, this makeup tutorial was made just for you. Requiring only liquid liner and a kohl pencil, you just have to sketch out Snapchat's geometrical face recognition pattern for an incredibly easy Halloween look.

7. The Dog Days of Halloween

Everybody wants to be a dog (sorry, not a cat). If you want to look just like the uber-adorable filter, print out the tongues and ears to go with your too barking cute costume!

8. Hear This Lion Filter Roar

Go for this purr-fect look if you're feeling particularly feisty this Halloween season. You won't be mistaken for a small feline in this exaggerated getup!

9. Keep Bleeding Eye Color

If you're a pop art enthusiast, you should definitely try this colorful makeup tutorial. You'll be dripping in rainbow goodness — just think of all of the compliments you'll get!

10. Feeling Like a Brat(z)

This is probably the easiest filter to re-create, so if you're really out of ideas, grab your face paints and get cracking. You'll look chicer than all the other kids at the carnival, we promise.

11. Oh, Deer

While nobody wants to be the deer in the headlights at the Halloween party, you'll still be turning heads in this too-cute deer makeup. Bambi's got nothing on you, boo.

12. A Galaxy Far, Far Away

This look belongs to the stars, but you should totally steal it for a Halloween look worthy of a supernova. Nobody will be able to take their eyes off of you!

Bethany Lozier

Bethany is a content creation guru at the Meredith Corporation. Her main passions include fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, French culture and fashion. When not perusing the Internet or writing, she can be found reading magazines and socializing with the best of 'em.

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