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Ouija Board Makeup That Will Scare The Crap Out Of You

If summoning ghosts and spirits happens to be your thing, you have got to try these crazy ghoul Ouija makeup board looks. You might get possessed, but hey, contacting the other side never looked so good.

Ouija Board Doll

1 / 15


If you're looking for Halloween makeup guaranteed to keep everyone awake all night, Instagrammer Lovespellsalon's look is the one for you. Who knows, you might even make a ghostly friend as well!

Photo: @lovespellsalon | Instagram

Colorful Ouija Ghoul

2 / 15


Be sure to grab an off the shoulder top if you're going to attempt this gloriously grungy Ouija makeup courtesy of loveandthebeests. The letters really speak for themselves (or for someone else).

Photo: @loveandthebeests| Instagram

Dark Ouija Fortune Teller

3 / 15


A fortune telling gypsy might be the best person to ask for Ouija advice, so it's crucial you nail this spiritual getup from sabrinawarnickmakeup... or there could be hell to pay.

Photo: @sabrinawarnickmakeup| Instagram

Weeping Ouija Makeup

4 / 15


This is one accurate representation of what it's probably like to encounter a dark spirit thanks to bangtsikitsiki. We'd probably all be crying, TBH.

Photo: @bangtsikitsiki| Instagram

Illuminati Glam Ouija

5 / 15


It takes some major skill to successfully craft a realistic third eye, so we give this makeup from ssssamanthaa some major props for starting our Illuminati conspiracy thoughts again.

Photo: @ssssamanthaa | Instagram

Third Eye Open Ouija

6 / 15


We're already way too obsessed with Cover Girl's new spokesman, James Charles, and this ghostly glam makeup is making us feel some type of way.

Photo: @jamescharles | Instagram

A Living Ouija Board

7 / 15


If this look doesn't chill your very soul, you must be very close to some evil spirits. We'd recommend warning your friends ahead of time if you're trying this makeup from madeyewlook.

Photo: @madeyewlook | Instagram

Ouija Planchette Makeup

8 / 15


A planchette is the piece of wood that moves on an Ouija board, so why not try an easy-but-creepy eye makeup look sure to spook everybody from waitin2die.

Photo: @waitin2die | Instagram

Ouija Witch

9 / 15


Combine this classic Halloween witch from crystalconscience with a corrupt Ouija board, and you're sure to win best costume.

Photo: @crystalconscience | Instagram

Possessed Ouija Witch

10 / 15


As if you needed an excuse to break out your top hat (we know you've got one somewhere). You might need some help to get the letters painted on you, but once you're done, you'll scare the living bejeezus out of everybody like touichihara.

Photo: @touichihara | Instagram

Bloody Scary Ouija

11 / 15


Got some fake blood burning a hole in your pocket? Put it to good use to create evil-looking Halloween makeup that will definitely summon some spirits courtesy of marialefx.

Photo: @marialefx | Instagram

Keep Bleeding Love (From Your Eyes) Ouija

12 / 15


Ouija boards are not to be messed with, and this look is the bloody proof from alexis_bree. Get ready to cry a river of blood for everyone who dares cross your path.

Photo: @alexis_bree | Instagram

Break On Through To The Dark Side Ouija

13 / 15


Break out the body paint, because you just got totally possessed! This bone-chilling look from raemiemakeup might even scare off demons and dark spirits if you play your cards right.

Photo: @raemiemakeup | Instagram

Frosty Ouija Queen

14 / 15


This silvery chic Ouija makeup looks particularly royal thanks to l.veartistry. All the ghouls and ghosts are bound to bow down to you if you master this look!

Photo: @l.veartistry | Instagram

Top Notch Ouija Makeup

15 / 15


Sometimes you can look just as spooky with a low-key (OK lower key) ghoulish getup. Throw your hair up into a messy bun, paint your face, and you're ready to scare some spirits like veemazaglam.

Photo: @veemazaglam | Instagram

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