Hero Boyfriend Goes Makeup Shopping for his GF and It’s the Best

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Hero Boyfriend Goes Makeup Shopping for his GF and It’s the Best

A drugstore makeup aisle can be difficult to navigate for even the most seasoned beauty pro, but it's completely foreign to most men. This brave boyfriend—on errand for his girlfriend—did his best. And it was hilarious.

Ahhh, the makeup aisle. You enter for a simple bottle of makeup remover, and emerge thirty minutes later with two new lip colors, blue eyeliner, nail polish in your favorite color of the month, and totally forget the remover. It's treacherous territory for beauty amateurs and pros alike, but it's completely overwhelming for others. If you've never stepped foot into a drugstore's beauty section, it's practically indecipherable.

Imgur user Blufiz learned just that when his girlfriend sent him on what she thought would be a simple makeup errand. Turns out, finding the perfect lip color is not as easy as it seems, but it is hilarious.

Luckily for us, Blufiz posted their whole conversation to Imgur for us to follow along. The girlfriend is on the left, boyfriend on the right.

Makeup Shopping: 2

Hmm. Not off to a good start…

Makeup Shopping: 2

Seems pretty simple to us. (Although, we'd recommend skipping the energy drink.)

Makeup Shopping: 3

You can do it, BF! Tell that kid to mind his own beauty business!

Makeup Shopping: 4

Whoops! Definitely not nail polish!

Makeup Shopping: 5

So close, yet so confused.

Makeup Shopping: 6

Seriously not grasping the concept of a "light, bright pink." Maybe he's thinking Lite-Brite?

Makeup Shopping: 7

WTF is "waffle stomped"????

Makeup Shopping: 8

Oh man. Somebody is having fun!

Makeup Shopping: 9

Honestly, where did that dinosaur even come from?

Makeup Shopping: 10

LOL. "Baby lips."

Makeup Shopping: 11

Yes! Nailed the false lashes section!

Makeup Shopping: 12

Dear god, don't use Elmer's. No. And can you imagine glue stick on your eyes? Yikes!

Makeup Shopping: 13

Just as the concept of dry shampoo was about to blow his mind, he forgot the most important thing. Note to self: guys need very specific instructions if they're going to navigate the beauty aisle, including, "Bring your wallet." But, seriously, mysterious girlfriend, hang on to your silly boyfriend. Any guy that's willing to try something new for you—like makeup shopping—is a real keeper.

Think your S.O. would hit the beauty aisle for you? Would he do as well as this brave guy?