Hot for Valentine’s Day: Nighttime Makeup Tips from the Expert

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Hot for Valentine’s Day: Nighttime Makeup Tips from the Expert
Look to Hollywood

Hollywood is tops in creating romantic memorable moments, so the first thing you want to do is look to Hollywood’s best romantic actresses. Think about which famous star  you would channel to create a romantic look. For Bond, that choice was easy. “The Star who gets romantic right all the time for me is Charlize Theron.” With her soft look and an overall golden and dewy glow, Bond suggests her look is spot on! “Her smoky eye is done with warm tones (not black) to make her eyes sultry yet not overdone.”

Another star who gets the romantic look right is Rachel McAdams. “Rachel McAdams has so many variations on romantic, it's not even funny,” says Bond. “Whether her hair is dark or light, lips are nude or red, eyes are smoky or natural, she usually nails the look of romance. In The Vow she got it just right with a thicker liner drawn up at the corners, thick lashes and a glossy natural plum lip.”

Day into Evening
If you’re headed out for a romantic evening, you obviously have to make some changes in your makeup, but for many women, that’s where they get lost. Do you change the shades to match your outfit or the lighting, or change everything for a completely different look? Create a completely fresh look beginning with a clean face, moisturizer and foundation. Then focus on the eyes first and the lips second.

Start with a Solid Foundation
“Having a flawless complexion is key to a romantic look,” says Bond. “Begin with moisturized skin followed by a foundation slightly lighter than your skin color.” After the foundation, “lightly dust a powder that matches your skin tone over your entire face and neck. Using a large fluffly brush to apply bronzer to forehead, nose and cheeks followed by a soft pink at the rose of your cheeks.”  

For an extra sexy look, lightly mist a moisturizing spray like Evian misting spray over your face after applying makeup. Bond advises picking up a mini size to pop in your purse and refresh your look throughout the evening

Dealing with Skin Challenges
Pre-date breakouts that always seem to pop up at just the wrong times. Suzie’s advice, and ours, too, is that the best defense is a great offense. Set the stage a week before the big day by cleansing, toning and treating your skin right and you’ll thank yourself on the big night. “It’s always important to take your makeup off before bed but even more important this week,” Suzie cautions. “Using a toner on a cotton pad will help get any additional residue off.” On the big day, be sure you start by cleaning off all of your daytime makeup and starting with a fresh canvas. Here’s Suzie’s suggested regimen.

“Apply a clean moisturizer with extra around the eye and lip area.  If you do experience a break out, try using BioElements Breakout Control with 5% Benzoyl Peroxide twice a day to those tough areas. This product will move those breakouts along without drying out your skin. If you need to conceal any unexpected redness, try dabbing your concealer on top of your foundation for additional coverage. Use a liquid foundation brush for a cleaner application.”

The Eyes Have It
According to Bond, when it comes to creating a romantic look, it’s all in the eyes.  “The lashes have it hands down for creating romance. You want him to stare into your eyes and those lush lashes will draw him deep into your gaze.” To achieve this look, Bond suggests applying a thicker coat of a deep liner in green or plum. She adds a note of caution, though: “Don't smoke out your eye completely… use lighter pinks for contour to keep the focus on your eyes themselves.” Here’s how to go smoky:
“Smoky eyes should not look like someone punched you!  Go for a lighter graduation of plums or bronzes to make your lid deeper.  Begin with lining at your lash line with a matching shade to the deepest of eye colors.  Start at the outer corner with a wider stroke getting thinner toward your nose. Take a medium brush in your darkest shadow and connect the outer corner through the crease toward your nose – getting thinner as you progress.  Brush the medium shade on the lid and the lightest on the brow bone.  Now go back to the crease and blend up toward the brow bone.  Draw it out on the corners to form a point.  Make it blended for a professional look.”

When it comes to lashes, false eyelashes are all the rage in Hollywood, on the runways and just about everywhere else in the media. And no wonder, they’re super sexy! But, they’re definitely not for everyone. What to do if false lashes aren’t your thing? Bond has a solution for that, too. “Try using a primer like Mirabella Lash Definition Primer. Apply one thorough coat, let dry and apply 2-3 coats of mascara.  Make sure it's not clumping. Multiple thin coats will keep them long, luscious and thick.”

Kissable Lips
The lips run a close second for creating a sexy nighttime look. If you’re looking for drama, Bond suggests you try going RED.

“For a perfect red lip use a slightly deeper liner to create your frame. Blend a light application of the liner down into the lip area. Follow with a light application of your red lip color.  Using a tissue, blot the excess color and lightly apply one more coat of red lipstick. Do not follow with a gloss – this will make the lip color run. Keep them red and ready!”

Not big on red? Go Pretty in Pink!
“Using a gloss in a mild pink or peach will turn up the heat. For a glossy pink, line those lips with a slightly deeper pink also filling in the lip area.  Using a high gloss with a touch of mica – like Mirabella Colour Luxe Lip Gloss in Wink or Beam – fill in the center of the lip. If you have thin lips, outline with a liner slightly deeper than your gloss shade just outside the natural lip line and gently fill in the lip area. Then pop that gloss over everything. Touch up your gloss every 1-2 hours to keep the gloss intense.”

Finishing Touches
Once your makeup is complete and your hair and outfit are out of the way, there’s one final touch you’ll need to include. Whether you’re looking to Charlize Theron or Rachel McAdams, one thing their look has in common is confidence. They love their look and they own it, and you should, too. So no matter what makeup you put on, what dress you wear or how you style your hair, there’s nothing sexier than confidence.

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