The Hottest Fall Makeup Trends

by admin

The Hottest Fall Makeup Trends

The fall season is upon us, beauties. Time to pull your beachy waves into a bun and change up your makeup routine for the chicest season of the year! Here's a peek at a few of the hottest fall makeup trends!

Smoky Lower Lash Line
A big makeup trend for the fall involves a little role reversal! Usually the smoky liner goes on the top lash line, while the bottom lash line stays more subdued. This season, go easy on your lids and go crazy on your lower lash line! Personally, this is my favorite trend for the fall; it's a more sultry, mysterious look that's easy to create because it's messy, it's not meant to be precise and clean. It can be as easy as drawing an imperfect line under your lashes and smudging it out with your finger. With this look, I prefer to keep the lids close to bare to keep the focus on the smoky bottom lash line and to keep it from looking too overdone and heavy. Layer on a good dose of mascara on your top and bottom lashes to add a touch more drama!

Matte Lips
The summer is reserved for more dewy, glowing makeup. On the other hand, fall is a good time to bring back the bold and dramatic mattes. As we head into falling leaves and cool-weather holidays, opt for a matte lip to pair with your fall makeup. This trend isn't reserved just for rich hues like berry and cognac; feel free to wear a matte nude or blush lip! There's something very classic and sophisticated about a matte lipstick and, of course, fall is the most classic and sophisticated of all seasons.

Strong Eyeliner
Liner is making a comeback for the fall and in full force! We're talking bold cat eyes, cut crease, and even multiple lines. We saw a lot of really strong winged liner looks on the fall fashion runways; some styles as dramatic as covering the entire eyelid with black liner and adding a strong flick at the end. Another big trend is the cut crease look. Line your crease from the inner corner all the way to the outer corner, and you can either leave it this way or create an ombre effect by smoking out the line and adding some shadow to create that fade effect.

Copper Lids
It's not often we see orange or red tones in eye shadow, but we sure will for fall 2013! Copper and crimson lids are on trend this season. It's a very romantic, sexy look that really complements any eye color. These colors are soft enough that you can extend past your crease without crossing over into clown territory. You can play around with matte shades, but my personal favorite shadow for the season is a shimmery copper to keep it rich and romantic.

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