How to Apply Blush: Powder and Cream

by admin

How to Apply Blush: Powder and Cream

Applying blush should be the easiest and most natural element of your look. But sometimes we have trouble with blush, though it should really be a breeze! I’ve created a quick video on how to apply blush using an easy technique to guide even the most blush-challenged beauties.

I’m using both a powder blush and a cream blush for the tutorial. Cream blush has always been my favorite because I think it gives me a more natural, dewy look than powder blush does. But whichever one you prefer, the key is in the application! It goes without saying that every girl wants her blush to look like a natural flush of color and not a throwback to the streaky punch of color from the '80s. When you go to apply, be sure to use a light hand and be conservative with how much you use. With blush, it’s easy to build but hard to remove excess amounts.

In the video, I used Instain by theBalm in Argyle, a soft-but-bright pink blush. I also used Stila’s Convertible Color in Gerbera, my all-time favorite cream blush! When applying powder blush, I like to use a small, round brush like the MAC 129. And for applying a cream blush, I always opt for a foundation brush like the Sigma F60.

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