How to Apply Cream Blush for a Natural Glow

by Ivy Boyd

How to Apply Cream Blush for a Natural Glow

There’s something about cream blush that just sings spring! It looks effortless, natural, and healthy—everything you want on a beautiful spring day. So, what better time of year to show you how to apply cream blush?


Due to its consistency, a cream blush melts onto skin, creating a natural-looking, long-lasting finish. The tiniest bit goes a long way, and don’t be afraid to pop a little on your lips too! If you’re looking for an awesome, affordable option to try, NYX Cream Rouge is one of my favorites. Here’s how to apply cream blush and create a gorgeous cheeky glow for spring!


How to Apply Cream Blush: Steps 1-2


1. Dip a small synthetic stippling brush onto the surface of the product. I recommend just “kissing” the surface of the cream blush with your brush bristles. Begin by stippling the product onto the apples of your cheeks. This step is just to place the color where you want it. Be a little conservative in this step because cream blush is hard to tone down if you use too much. When placing blush, try to keep it above the end of your nose.


2. Working in circular motions, blend the color back toward the hairline with your stippling brush. Work quickly, as cream blush can set after 20 seconds or so.


How to Apply Cream Blush: Steps 3-4


3. Lightly pat a loose, translucent powder over cheeks to set the cream blush and cut down any stickiness.


4. Now, for a long-lasting flush, apply a powder blush on top! I like to do this in the spring and summer months to ensure that my color is in for the long haul. This is a great time to add a little shimmer if you’d like as well.


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