How to Apply False Lashes for Extra Oomph Any Time

by admin

How to Apply False Lashes for Extra Oomph Any Time

Are scanty lashes cramping your style? False eyelashes are the perfect addition to your night-out makeup routine–and they stay put! 

1. Choose your lashes. Many types of false lashes are available, including individual lashes, full eyelash strips, and smaller lash clusters. Some people find that individual lashes look more natural, but full eyelash strips are quicker and, if applied correctly, still look natural.

2. Wash your face and hands to remove dirt and oil. I like to apply most of my makeup, including foundation, under-eye concealer, eye shadow, and eyeliner, before I put on eyelash strips. The less you touch your face after applying your lashes, the more they’ll stay put. However, save the mascara for last, as it helps to blend your natural lashes in with the false ones.

3. Remove the lash strip from the packaging. I start by holding it up to my eye to get an idea of how it will look. Store-bought lash strips are typically too long for my eyes, so I use a scissors to trim the edges off. The lashes on the inner corner of your lid (near the tear duct) are typically shortest, so I make sure the longest lashes are positioned for the outer corner, and I sometimes even trim a little off of the inner lashes. You’ll get a more natural look if you apply the eyelash strip only to the outer two-thirds of the upper lid.

4. Get out the glue. Once you’ve determined the placement and done any necessary trimming, you’re ready to get out the glue. You can put a dot on the back of your hand, but I prefer to put it on a small piece of tin foil. Use eyelash adhesive only; never use nail glue or household adhesive like super-glue. You only need a small drop, so go easy.

5. Apply the glue to the strip. You can drag the strip through the glue dot, but I use the end of a thin makeup brush to spread the glue evenly along the lash strip. Wait a few seconds to allow the glue to start to set before you place the strip along your natural lash line.

6. Secure to eyelid. To make the lashes look more natural and feel more secure, I use a clean makeup brush handle to gently roll the skin of my eyelid over the base of the strip immediately after application. You have to do this quickly, however, before the glue sets.

7. Apply mascara. After waiting several minutes to allow the glue to dry, you’re ready to apply mascara. One or two coats will help blend your own lashes into the strips and will create a more dramatic, yet natural, look.

Learning to apply false eyelash strips takes a little practice, but if you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a master.