How to Choose The Right Lipstick Color

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How to Choose The Right Lipstick Color

Choosing a lipstick color might seem as easy as going to a makeup counter and picking what you like, but in reality, selecting the right shade for every occasion takes a little bit more attention. While some women find a lipstick shade that becomes a trademark for their look, most of us need to have a few options at our disposal so we can look perfect no matter what we’re wearing or what the occasion is.




How to Choose a Lipstick Color for Everyday Wear


If you normally wear casual clothes such as jeans and a tee, you can opt for a lipstick color that plays primarily off your coloring. Fair skinned blonds look great in a pretty pink or red lipstick depending on blouse color (you don’t want to clash); brunettes can go a bit darker with a light plum or even a peach shade; and redheads should concentrate on subtle lipstick in a soft rose or creamy nude.


How to Choose a Lipstick Color for the Office


For office attire, stronger colors can be used to accent your wardrobe. A red power suit can prompt a matching lip color, or go for contrast with a sober black suit jacket paired with red lipstick. Dove-gray skirt suits look great with soft pink lipstick shades, and you can match your heels and clutch in the same shade. If you like pinstripe suits in navy blue, consider falling back on an appropriate shade for your coloring—pink, plum or rose—and paint your fingernails to match. It’s all about coordination!


How to Choose a Lipstick Color for Formal Occasions


For a big night on the town, choose either your lips or your eyes to highlight—never both. If you decide to make your eyes the focal point, it’s important to keep your lips subtle. Choose a shade that blends well with your coloring, or go for a nude effect using just a faint lip liner and some gloss. If you opt to keep your eyes more natural looking and play up your pout, use a lip liner that’s slightly darker than your lipstick shade followed by a lip color that both caters to your coloring and your attire. The little black dress will give you the most leeway; you can go with bright red, primrose pink, or bright plum with impunity. Otherwise, let the color of your dress help guide you to the best shade that will complement your overall look.


Every woman should have at least half a dozen lipstick colors to choose from. Depending on how extensive your wardrobe and social life are, you may need two or three times that many shades! Don’t be afraid to experiment with various brands, and try gloss as well as matte versions of your preferred colors.