How to Create Evening Wedding Makeup

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How to Create Evening Wedding Makeup

If you’re planning an evening wedding, chances are it’s because you envision an elegant, sophisticated ceremony. Or maybe you just want a whole day to get ready. Either way, you’ll need to know how to create evening wedding makeup that dazzles onlookers on both sides of the aisle (not to mention your betrothed).



The first thing you need to know about applying makeup for an evening wedding is that you don’t need to be shy or conservative. Dimmer lighting means you can go for a bolder, more dramatic look without detracting from the other beautiful things you’ve invested so much care, time, and money in, like your hair and your gown.


While makeup that sparkles is a no-no for a daytime, outdoor wedding, it is a definite yes-yes for an evening ceremony. You don’t want to go over the top and blind your guests with too much dazzle. But using foundation, blush, or eye shadow that has a little sparkle to it will make you look elegantly chic, especially if there is candlelight involved.


Choosing your lip color is also a great opportunity to be a bit more brazen. For example, if you start with a liner in a darker color, like dark cranberry or wine, you can then fill in the flesh of your lips with a burgundy or cinnamon shade that complements the liner but doesn’t overpower it. This will give you a pair of luscious—but about-to-be-married—lips that will make every man at the wedding jealous of your fiancé.


When doing your eye makeup, don’t go too dark, or your beautiful eyes might get lost in the shadows (so to speak). That doesn’t mean, however, that you should shy away from the daring. Try doing a three-tiered eye-shadow look using a medium shade for the base, a darker shade in the crease, and a highlighting tone for the space between your crease and your brow. This will help your eyes stand out without looking overdone. Also, make sure you use waterproof mascara, as you may be shedding a few tears of happiness during the blessed event.


You don’t have to be a professional makeup artist to create evening wedding makeup that highlights your beauty on the most special evening of your life. You just need to take into account the important factors, like the lighting and the type of look you want to present, before you dive in face first.


Written by Arden Davidson