How to Create a Nude Lip

by More How-tos

How to Create a Nude Lip

Knowing how to create a nude lip opens up a whole new realm of makeup experimentation. If you can keep your lips subtle but sexy, you can go wild with your eye makeup. Creating a nude lip is fairly easy, but be prepared to work at maintaining it throughout the night. Aside from a bright-red lip, a nude lip is the hardest color to pull off effectively all night long.




1. Choose the right color. A fair-skinned blonde can get away with the palest lip colors like cream and beige, but if you have a more olive-toned complexion, too-pale shades can give you a ghostly look. Mediterranean beauties should select a slightly warmer shade, ideally a hue that falls between their natural skin color and natural lip color. Redheads should take a cue from the paleness of their skin tone and opt for very pale colors; those with auburn locks should choose from a slightly warmer section of the color spectrum.


2. Exfoliate your lips. Use a toothbrush and a little Vaseline to gently scrub away any dead skin cells. Follow up with a light application of lip balm, and then wait ten minutes before proceeding, to let any reddening disappear.


3. Apply a lip plumper. Look for an organic plumper, which will last longer and won’t burn as much as a chemical-based plumper. (You can skip this step if you don’t like using a plumper on your lips.)


4. Outline your lips. Use a nude lip liner that is closer to your skin tone than the color of your lips. Fill in your lips with the liner carefully and blot lightly. Your lips should now be paler than normal, but not shockingly ghostlike.


5. Use the lipstick you’ve chosen, preferably in matte, to color your lips. Use a lip brush instead of applying directly from the tube. Blend carefully until your lips look smooth and line-free.


6. Finish with a clear lip gloss for a mouth that looks lush and kissable. If you’ve gotten all the colors right, your lips will be barely a shade darker than your skin tone. Now you can proceed to make up your eyes as exotically as you like without worrying about your eyes and lips clashing.


7. Slip your matte lipstick, your clear gloss, and a pack of tissues into your purse along with your compact. You may need to refresh your look during the evening to keep it looking slick and glossy.


Knowing how to create a nude lip lets you keep the golden rule of cosmetics: highlight your lips or your eyes, but not both. With a nude lip, your mouth will look naturally gorgeous.


Written by Grace Alexander