How to Create a Smokey Eye

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How to Create a Smokey Eye

Angelina Jolie and Madonna are both famed for their mysterious smoky-eyed look. The look may seem complex, but it’s actually fairly easy to achieve once you know what products to use and just how to use them. Knowing how to create a smoky eye means you can pull off a Hollywood red-carpet look with ease.


1. Make sure your eyelids are grease free by using a primer. Use a cotton ball to swipe a little across each eyelid and keep your eyes closed while it dries. Primer, also called eye shadow base, can be found at any good cosmetics store.

2. Apply your eyeliner before starting your eye shadow. The eyeliner should go just above the upper lash line with the line thicker in the middle and tapering off toward each corner of the eye. Use black, brown, or gray liner for a traditional smoky eye. For a jewel-toned look, choose purple, blue, or deep green.

3. Carefully add blended color on your bottom lid. An eyeliner pencil instead of liquid line is best, because it’s easier to smudge. Draw the line just under the lower lash line, then run your finger over it to smudge it. You can add a bit of shadow to get a more dramatic effect.

4. Start your eye shadow application with a light base color. A cream color is good, or a very light gray. This should be smoothly swept on from lash line to brow bone. Dust lightly with a very soft brush to eliminate any loose shadow.

5. Blend in your next color, the mid shade. Work slowly and carefully, blending the color in just till you fill the crease of your lid. Feather it in so there’s no discernible line where the base and mid shade meet.

6. Use your darkest color starting at the lash line and blend thoroughly so the eyeliner looks like part of the shadow. Work your way up just to the crease for the ultimate smoky effect. Take your time, making sure to blend until the color change from lash line to brow line is fluid and flawless.

7. Use a lash curler to give your eyelashes some zing. Follow up with a high-quality mascara and lash lengthener. Use several coats of mascara; after all, you’ve come so far, no need to skimp now!

Now that you’ve created a smoky eye, let your eyes grab the attention by keeping additional cosmetics to a minimum. For maximum effect, skip the blush and let your lips go nude. Heavy eye makeup paired with bright lipstick can have a clown-like effect. Keep the attention on those gorgeous smoky eyes.