How To Do A Full Face Of Makeup Using One Palette

by Hilary Braaksma

How To Do A Full Face Of Makeup Using One Palette

If you need more room in your makeup drawer, you might consider downsizing on everything except your favorite palette. Because, as it turns out, there’s not much else you need. Here’s how to do your entire face with one palette.


Half of the battle of getting ready in the morning can simply be sifting through an endless sea of products trying to decide which ones to use. Luckily, makeup artist Kati Douglas showed us a genius way to cut back on product hunting and storage space when it comes to our every day makeup—just find your favorite palette and start using it for almost everything. While most palettes won’t be able to replace your foundation routine, mascara, and setting sprays, they can pretty much cover everything in between. Not only does it streamline your morning routine in terms of time and effort, but palettes are designed with colors, textures, and formulas that blend well together—which means your makeup may actually end up looking even better.


Follow these steps:


One Palette Full Face Makeup Step 1


1. Use a matte shade from your palette closely matching your eyebrows and fill them in with an angled brush. We used Morphe’s Fall Into Frost Palette, $22.99. Take a lighter, shimmery shade close to your skin tone and shape under the brows with a flat tip brush from arch to end.


One Palette Full Face Makeup Step 2


2. Apply eyeshadow. Start by covering your lid and crease in a matte shade similar to the color of your eyelid. Go over the crease with a dark brown eye shadow, using a small flat brush to create a cut crease. Use a small flat brush to apply a shimmery gold shade to the center bottom of the lid, then use a clean, fluffy brush to softly blend your eye makeup. Use black eye shadow and an angled brush to line the eye, and use a small, flat brush, to line your bottom lash line — us the same shade you used for the crease, and line from pupil to the outer corner of your eye only. Clean off any excess or fallen shadow with a big, clean, fluffy brush.


One Palette Full Face Makeup Step 3


3. Use matte brown 2-4 shades darker than your skin tone and a contouring brush to contour your temple, hairline, and from the top of your ear to the hollow of your cheek. Highlight the top of the cheekbones, center of the nose, and top of your lips with a light, shimmery shade the compliments your skin tone. Use a stippling brush to apply the highlight.


One Palette Full Face Makeup Step 4


6. Apply a pink or peach shade with a satin finish to the apple of your cheeks.


7. Using the same or another pink shade, blot the color onto moisturized lips.


One Palette Full Face Makeup


Let us know which palette you love for a whole-face look!