How To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands For You

by admin

How To Find The Best Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands For You

Trying to buy better beauty products can feel overwhelming when you're not sure what to look for. We broke it down to make the process of finding eco-friendly beauty brands easier.

Although there are endless beauty products for us to pick from every time we roam through our favorite department stores, drugstores and websites, it always seems right to choose eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products. We all want to channel our inner Elle Woods and not support companies that test on animals as well as avoid products loaded with parabens, chemicals and sulfate. However, even if spotting the trademark eco-friendly/cruelty-free bunny logo becomes second nature for you, it's not always easy to understand why or how shopping for these specific products makes a difference in the lives of animals and the planet. The next time you're shopping for natural, eco-friendly and cruelty-free beauty products, keep in mind these easy five ways you could continue understanding and making a difference past the time you swipe on your favorite eye shadow.

Understand The Ingredients
Before tossing an item into your shopping cart, take a few minutes to read the ingredients printed at the bottom of the label. You might not be familiar with many of the ingredients, but a quick google search can bring up great resources for you—especially reviews other people have written about how certain ingredients reacted with their skin. If you're looking for beauty products that are paraben-free, for example, its important to find out what kind of shelf life these items have and what ingredients might be used in substitute for whatever is being removed.

Find Out Where It's Made
When you're looking to go green, it can be tempting to add a PETA-approved beauty product into your cart and then call it a day. But it can be fun and beneficial for you to really do research on where your favorite brands and products are being manufactured. Many of the brands you love might be produced under a bigger corporation, and even if a specific brand claims not to test on animals, that doesn't necessarily mean that its parent company abstains from purchasing ingredients that have been tested on animals in other countries.

Investigate The Company
Once you've pinpointed which brands are 100% cruelty-free, you're likely to become dedicated to a select group of brands. There's a reason why so many brands have become cult-favorites, and it's usually because these products are long-lasting and have incredible pigmentation in addition to being made with eco-friendly materials. Take the time to find which eco-friendly products work the best for you, because beauty brands that are the "whole package" are really out there.

Get Social And Spread The Word
Did you stumble upon an amazing eco-friendly skincare brand? Were you pleasantly surprised to find a cool new cruelty-free eyeliner in your monthly Ipsy bag? Tell everyone you know—seriously. There are what seems like a million beauty brands out there, so if you took the time to do research and have learned a few things, be sure to encourage your friends to support them. If you were a big fan of a company that you recently discovered still tests on animals, take the time to leave an Instagram comment on their page letting them know that while you're disappointed that you can't support their brand right now, you'd be open to trying out their new releases if they go cruelty-free down the line. Don't underestimate your ability to make a difference with the use of a hashtag.

Read Up On What Everyone Is Saying
Lucky for you, there are countless bloggers and YouTubers in the beauty community who have already dedicated their time to researching beauty, skincare and hair brands that don't test on animals, are made with recycled materials and practice good business ethics. We love Cruelty Free Goddess, the ultimate destination blog for checking out swatches and reviews of Vegan and Eco-Friendly products. So go find your next blogger obsession!