How to Fit Your Entire Makeup Routine in Your Purse

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How to Fit Your Entire Makeup Routine in Your Purse

We don’t know about you, but we don’t fancy carrying 20-pound handbags full of eyeshadow. Not to mention the prospect of spills, stains, and the general abuse your purse inflicts on makeup. Luckily, the following 13 pint-sized beauty essentials pack all the power of a full-size product, making them perfect for stowing and going.


Colorscience Mineral Powder Brush



Fill the well of this mini-brush with Colorscience SPF Mineral Powder, and voila! No more spills at the bottom of your bag. The brush head is the same size as a regular powder brush, but with a portable body and a cap for safekeeping.


Tweezerman Zip File



Put a regular nail file or emery board in a purse, and eventually it becomes a dull, dirty stick. This protected mini file slides out as far as you want, ensuring you’ll always have a fresh file when you need it.


Makeup Brushes



Keep this set of the four most popular brushes and you’ll be prepared to apply any eye-or-cheek color to perfection. The travel brush case keeps the set organized, not to mention free from lint and dirt.


Sephora Travel Brush



Prone to tangles? This sleek compact opens to reveal a brush and a mirror. Just press the bottom of the compact to pop out the bristles, and press the bristles to return them to closed. Genius!


eos Smooth Sphere lip balm



Get rid of that ancient, beat-up tube of Chapstick. This adorable balm comes in an indestructible sphere that screws closed to keep gunk out, plus the shape makes it fun to use.


Borghese Travel Size Il Bacio Perfume



Just admit it—you’re never going to actually distill your perfume into a tiny atomizer. It’s okay; why bother when you can just grab a portable travel spray small enough to throw into your purse?


Dr. T’s Supergoop Sunscreen Day Cream



Sometimes you find yourself in need of sunscreen ASAP. Don’t carry around a heavy, bulky bottle, instead tuck travel-sized day cream sunscreen in your bag so that when you’re caught outside in need of protection, you’re good to go.


Prescriptives’s U-Pick Refillable Compact



Single eyeshadow pans are a great way to build up a custom collection; not so great for traveling. But Prescriptives's refillable compact lets you pop shadows in and out with ease, so you only ever have to take the exact shadows you need.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss



Focus on your lips and cheeks to get a flush of color in a hurry. Carry Revlon's swipable color in subtle or bright hues.


Benefit Real Mascara Mini



This miniature version of the iconic Real Mascara packs all the lash-lifting power of the regular size.


Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner



Carrying a pencil sharpener in your purse only leads to a messy disaster. Avoid it while keeping your eyes bright by carrying a liner with a built-in sharpener. Smashbox Limitless Eyeliner has a one right in the cap, plus it’s silky-smooth and glides on in a breeze.


NARS Mini Nail Polish



A teensy bottle of polish is perfect for touching up chips and wear.


Too Faced Glamour to Go II Palette



If you’re the type who simply can’t live without options, a do-it-all palette is your best bet. This one packs eight shadows, four lip glosses, and an all-purpose blush into one tiny, lightweight package.