How To Glow Like Jennifer Lopez: 6 Dewy Skin Must-Haves

by Lindsay Hostert

How To Glow Like Jennifer Lopez: 6 Dewy Skin Must-Haves
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Six products that will give you the ever-so-coveted Jennifer Lopez glow? Yes, please! We’ll take two of everything.

Let’s face it, celeb beauty secrets can be tough to crack! But not to worry, we have handpicked the top six products that will give your face and body a glamorous dewy-shine. Ms. Lopez would definitely approve.


With this arsenal of products in your makeup bag, you will have the strobing trend on lock. Jennifer Lopez glow? Check.



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1. Laura Mercier Tinted & Illuminating Moisturizer with SPF 20

This product is topping our list because to achieve the glow, you need a top-notch illuminating moisturizer. This one from Laura Mercier keeps your skin moisturized all day long, without looking like a greasy mess. Even better, this product contains SPF 20 to protect from those damaging UV rays. This product gets us one step closer to getting Jennifer Lopez's signature look, and we're so in.

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2. BECCA Backlighting Priming Filter

Priming your face before applying your foundation is such an important step in creating that coveted J-Lo look. This primer from BECCA cosmetics will give your face that "glow from within" look. Bonus: it also helps smooth lines and pores, and blurs imperfections so all you can see is a radiant glow.

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3. LORAC Perfectly Lit Oil-Free Luminizing Primer

If you have an oily complexion but still want to achieve this look, check out this powder product from LORAC. This product evens and brightens your skin tone, while still adding that perfect dewy shine. For all the ladies out there with oily skin, this product is perfect for you. It will help absorb excess oil and help control shine throughout the day.

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4. Anastasia Illuminator in Riveria

If you're going to invest in just one of these products, we highly recommend this highlighting powder from Anastasia in the shade Riveria. This beautiful rosy gold shade is perfect for bringing light to the high points of your cheekbones, Cupid's bow and more. Your highlight will definitely be on #fleek.

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5. Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Slimmer Shimmer Shape, Hydrate & Glow

Of course, Charlotte Tilbury for the win (like always!) Jennifer doesn't just have a beautiful shine on her face, it's her entire body. We think we've found a product that will give you that healthy glow from head to toe. This product was made to add the perfect dewy finish to your entire body, while creating the illusion of longer and leaner limbs. How did we live without this product for this long?!

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6. Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss

Rounding out our list of must-have products is, of course, an ultra-shine lip gloss. Marc Jacobs has created a line of high-shine lip glosses to perfectly complete your glowing look. Even better, these glosses are highly pigmented and will look great will all your makeup looks. You're welcome.