How to Lessen the Look of a Scar with Makeup

by admin

How to Lessen the Look of a Scar with Makeup

First things first; scars are nothing you should feel you have to hide or cover up. They are earned; they are cool; and they are interesting. However, for the days when you may not agree with that or the days you'll be in front of a camera, here's how to minimize the look of a scar with makeup.

How to Minimize Scars

When it comes to reducing the appearance of scars, a few light layers of the right products are key. Combine the right products with the right makeup magic illusions, and your scar will be all but invisible. Just follow these 6 simple steps to kiss your scar goodbye.

Makeup for Minimizing Scars: Steps 1-2

1. First, apply a pore-minimizing primer with a brush. This will help to essentially fill in the scar, creating a more even surface for makeup application. Scars have a texture that's different from the rest of your skin, so a primer helps to create more grip for the products that follow.

2. Next, apply a liquid or cream foundation with a beautyblender. This application method helps to ensure that you won't have any visible brushstrokes.

Makeup for Minimizing Scars: Steps 3-4

3. Apply a concealer pencil one shade lighter than your skin tone directly to the scar. For scars that are recessed, especially deep scars, a light color will bring it forward and even it out to match the rest of your skin.

4. Lightly dust on translucent powder to set all your handiwork.

Makeup for Minimizing Scars: Steps 5-6

5. For a scar near the mouth area like our model's, you can correct your lip line with a nude lip liner.

6. Now apply a matte- or satin-finish nude lip color. A bold or deep color can attract more attention to the area.

Scar? What scar? Your skin is looking picture perfect!