How To Make The Most Of Your Ipsy Subscription

by Maria Azua

How To Make The Most Of Your Ipsy Subscription

Seeing ipsy’s signature hot pink envelope in your mailbox each month has got to be the best feeling ever. But even the most devoted subscriber might not realize that there are certain ways to help ensure that you love the monthly goodies in every bag-score!


Keep Tabs On Your Profile



When you first created your account, you were asked to complete a personality survey in which you selected personal information on your skin tone, eye color and favorite brands. Through a selection tool called ipsyMatch, you’ll receive a personalized glam bag each month packed with items they think you’ll love based on the data garnered by your quiz, which includes data on whether or not you’re adventurous when it comes to bold looks. Admit it, you might have gone nuts the first time you filled out the profile, and selected as many possible options for brands you’d like to receive. However, selecting too many brand and product options on your profile makes it harder for the system to cater to your most important needs. If you aren’t crazy about hair products for example, deselect all options on your hair products to avoid receiving dry shampoos and conditioner samples. Although it takes a month or two for this data to be re-evaluated, you’ll soon be getting products you love if you keep your profile’s questions and answers as specific as possible.


Review Your Products



The folks behind ipsy might be geniuses for creating a way for us to try five products (plus a unique cosmetics pouch!) each month for just $10, but they certainly aren’t mind readers. If your preferences have changed from the time you signed up for your glam bag and you haven’t had a chance to review your profile questions, rating your products is the next best way for you to keep receiving products suited to your tastes. After you’re done testing the products in your bag, log into your account for the option of rating your products. As an added bonus, you’ll get 10 ipsy points each time you give a rating for a product, which you can redeem later for free items and samples. Give that nail polish shade you weren’t crazy about one star to ensure you won’t receive a similar product next month.


Download The App



The trendy and easy-to-use ipsy app is the ultimate portal for all things ipsy-so beauty lovers can check out cool new giveaways, contests and blog posts curated by bloggers and influencers as soon as they’re available. With the app at your fingertips, you’ll remember to check back for special deals on beauty products available only for subscribers and you’ll have a quick way to check out the limited products available for redemption through your points.


Get Social!



You already use Instagram and Twitter to keep track of your favorite brands’ new launches, so take it an extra step further by showing off your monthly products on your timeline. Hello, cute layout pic! One of the coolest things about your ipsy bag is that it comes curated according to a monthly theme, whether it be ‘Self Love’ or ‘New Year, New Me’, so you’ll have a unique perspective when tackling your products and connecting to them. You’re also likely to meet other ipsy-obsessed subscribers on social media, so you can learn about the holy grail waterproof eyeliner that a hospital nurse uses to get through her night shift or strike up a conversation with a Facebook friend who might want to swap unwanted items with you.


Being Nosy Pays Off



Can’t wait to check out which products you’ll be getting in the mail this month? You’re not alone. In anticipation of the products being mailed out each month, you can check out blogs like My Subscription Addiction where you can take a peek at the products ipsy members could receive in their bags that month, and chat with other bloggers about the items you wish could end up in your ideal dream pouch. Keep an eye out for an email from ipsy at the beginning of each month, for the option of seeing all the items you’ll be getting that month. Paying close attention to the options you could or will be receiving will help you plan out your beauty routine that month. After all, why would you rush to grab a new bottle of face wash at the drug store if you know you’ll be getting a deluxe sample of a cool new cleanser in your bag?