How to Pronounce the Most Baffling Beauty Brands

by Hayley Mason

Beauty brands—they’re basically another language. Consider this your translation guide to a (very beautiful) foreign land.



How to Pronounce The Most Baffling Beauty Brands



As a beauty editor, I’m supposed to be pretty well versed in all things beauty. But truth be told, I still can’t pronounce every one of the thousands of beauty brands on the market. I’ve even wandered the aisles of Sephora scouring the colorful tubes for certain products in absolute confusion, because I was too embarrassed to ask a salesperson for fear I would mispronounce the brand name. In order to help out my fellow beauty junkies, we’ve put together this handy pronunciation guide so you never have to lurk around the makeup counter again. We love these brands too much for you to miss out.



Borghese: bor-gay-zeh



Balmain: ball-mahn



Caudalie: co-dah-li



Chantecaille: shan-tuh-kigh



Christian Louboutin: Christian loo-boo-tan



Ciaté: see-ah-tay



Clé de Peau: clay duh poe



Decléor: deh-clay-or



Dolce & Gabbana: dol-chey and gab-ana



Dr. Hauschka: doctor howsh-kuh



Frédéric Fekkai: fred-er-riq fehk-eye



Givenchy: zjee-von-shee



Guerlain: gair-lahn



Illamasqua: ill-ah-moss-kwa



Kérastase: ker-ahh-stass



La Roche Posay: la row-shh po-say



Lancôme: lahn-comb



Laura Mercier: laura mers-yay



L’Occitane en Provence: lox-ee-tahn uhn pro-vaunce



Lierac Paris: lee-rack paris



Lorac: luh-rock



Ole Henriksen: Ooh-lah hen-rihk-sehn



Oribe: or-bay



Ouidad: wee-dahd



Shiseido: she-say-doe



Shu Uemura: shoe oo-eh-moor-ah



Stila: stee-lah



St. Tropez: saint tro-pay



Tocca: toe-kah



Vichy: vee-shee



Yves Saint Laurent: eve san laur-on