How to Shape Your Eyebrows Using Makeup

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How to Shape Your Eyebrows Using Makeup

Many women spend a lot of time and money keeping their bushy brows in check. I, on the other hand, spend most of my efforts trying to beef up my barely there brows using growth serums and makeup. If you have naturally light or sparse eyebrows, or if you’ve over-tweezed like I have, you may want to know how to shape your eyebrows using makeup.




1. Even if your goal is to add some volume to skimpy brows, you want to make sure you start with a nice shape and preferably with two brows that are shaped roughly the same. Symmetry is key when it comes to brow-shaping. I like to have my brows threaded because it gets rid of all those baby hairs in between and on top of my brows. But you can also clean up your brows at home using tweezers. This will give you a nice shape to follow. If your natural shape doesn’t give you enough to work with, you can also purchase brow stencils that will help you achieve near perfect symmetry when it’s time to fill them in with makeup.


2. After washing my face and applying foundation to even out my skin tone, I’m ready to start shaping my eyebrows using makeup. I use a trick I learned from a makeup artist that involves applying a light concealer directly above and below my eyebrows. I recommend using something several shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This creates a nice highlight and makes your brows look extra polished.


3. Next, I use a brow pencil just slightly darker than my natural brow color to fill in my eyebrows. Going slightly darker makes my eyebrows look more dramatic, but the pencil still blends with my own color for a natural look. If your eyebrows are very light in color, you might want to have them professionally tinted, as it will make filling them in with makeup easier and lead to a more natural look. Many other products are available for filling in your brows, including complete eyebrow kits, but I find that a simple brow pencil works well.


4. After filling in my brows with brow pencil, I dust a light finishing powder around my eyebrows to blend and set the concealer.


The end result are flawless brows that are neat and symmetrical. Having well-shaped brows, whether you use hair-removal techniques like tweezing or makeup or both, will open up your eye area and make you look brighter-eyed and more put together. If you want to do one thing to really change your look today, follow these steps to shape your eyebrows using makeup.