How to Use a Lash Curler

by admin

How to Use a Lash Curler

If you want bigger, bolder lashes, it’s time you learned how to use a lash curler, too.


1. Prep your canvas. After washing and drying your face, go about your makeup routine as usual, whether this means using a little pressed powder and gloss or full foundation and a dramatic smoky eye. I apply everything but mascara, including eyeliner, before I pick up my lash curler. Save the mascara for last, because it will quickly gunk up your eyelash curler.

2. Heat it up. Several types of lash curlers are available, including clamplike options that work by putting pressure on your lashes and heated wandlike varieties. Regardless of which type you prefer, adding some heat to the process will result in a more dramatic, longer-lasting curl. I prefer a battery-operated wand lash curler, but you can also heat up a metal clamp curler by blasting it with your blow-dryer (on high) for about five seconds. Test it with your finger before applying it to your eye to avoid burning the sensitive eye area.

3. Create the curl. If you use a clamp curler, open it and clamp your lashes near the roots. Pull up slightly to create a nice curl and hold for up to thirty seconds to set. If you use a preheated wand variety, simply press and hold it to the roots of your lashes and push upward until you’ve created as much curl as you like.

4. Set the curl with mascara. Some people curl the lashes on both eyes before applying mascara, but I like to apply mascara immediately after curling to help set the curl and make it last longer. I like Cover Girl Lash Blast mascara (in the orange tube) because it both lengthens and thickens without excessive clumping, but any good mascara will do. I let my first coat dry and then apply a second coat for extra definition; I use an eyelash comb to get rid of any clumps. Only then do I move on to my other eye and repeat the process.

A lash curler is a great way to add some extra emphasis to your eyes, whether you use it daily or bring it out only on special occasions. Add some great mascara and use nightly eyelash-stimulating serum and you’ll have lashes that even a makeup model would envy.