How to Use Makeup Brushes

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How to Use Makeup Brushes

If you don’t know how to use makeup brushes the right way, you’re not alone. There are so many brands and types of makeup brushes, it can be difficult to sort out all of the differences. No worries; we’ve done the sorting for you. Once you learn a few basic guidelines about how makeup brushes differ, how to use makeup brushes correctly, and which ones to use with which products, you'll feel like an expert.


There are brushes for just about every form of makeup: foundation, bronzer, powder, concealer, blush, eye shadow, lip color. The list goes on and on. Within each category you’ll find different brands, sizes, materials, and shapes. It’s no wonder you’re confused, right?

The good thing is most makeup brushes come in labeled packages that identify their intended use. A foundation brush will be called a foundation brush, a lip brush will be labeled a lip brush, and so on. Nothing difficult there. The difficulty comes in deciding which type of brush to choose for each type of makeup.

When it comes to foundation brushes, there are synthetic, flat brushes and rounded dual-fiber brushes; there are flat-top brushes and buffer brushe—once again, the list goes on and on. While it is impossible to explain the uses and pros and cons of every type of makeup brush available here, a few rules of thumb are helpful.

1. The flat-top foundation brush is the best choice for thicker creams or powders.

2. Small, angled blush brushes are good for contouring; while bigger, fluffier brushes are better for all-purpose blush application.

3. Cheap, nylon-tip brushes are not recommended for long-term use. For short-term use, try a disposable lip brush. For long-term use, high-end retractable lip brushes will give the best results.

4. Application brushes such as MAC 239 work better than spongy or foam brushes for applying eye shadow. The shadow goes on much more smoothly, and you avoid wasting half of what you paid for.

Once you’ve chosen the type of brush and selected a brand, you need to know how to use these makeup brushes correctly. Each type of brush comes with its own set of do’s and don’ts. These general rules will help you learn how to use makeup brushes like a pro.

1. When using powdered products, including eye shadow, always tap the brush to remove excess product before applying.

2. When applying powder blush with a brush, smile to bring out the apples of your cheeks. Start there and use quick, circular motions as you go back toward your hairline.

3. Foundation brushes should be used to even out your skin tone. Begin your application from the center of your face and then gradually blend outward.

In the end, getting familiar with how to use makeup brushes properly requires a little bit of research, a dab of experimentation, and a lot of willingness to learn.