If You Want Free MAC Lipstick, Here’s What You Need To Do

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If You Want Free MAC Lipstick, Here’s What You Need To Do

Back to MAC is a recycling program that is saving the environment while blessing us with free lipstick.

MAC Cosmetics is giving out free lipstick in order to help save the environment, and those are both things that we can definitely get behind.

Back to MAC is the company's new recycling program that allows customers to bring in six empty MAC makeup containers of any kind (foundations, lipstick tubes, eyeshadow compacts, etc.) in exchange for their favorite classic lipstick. And did we mention that it costs absolutely nothing? Zilch, nada, nil.


Gotta love freebies #backtomac 😍

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We could hardly believe it ourselves when we heard the news, but we would never joke about something so serious. To get started on claiming your free tube, go to the MAC cosmetics website and select the six makeup containers you are donating in addition to your top three lipstick colors. Once you mail your containers out, you can expect your brand new lipstick at your doorstep in no time!


With Back to MAC I traded in my old lipsticks and got 3 new ones! Amourous, Dark Side, & Russian Red. Can't wait to wear! #backtomac

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Saving the environment and getting to look fierce for free by doing it? MAC is definitely doing it right.