Instagram Star Beauty And The Beests’s Looks Inspire Self-Taught Artists Everywhere

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Instagram Star Beauty And The Beests’s Looks Inspire Self-Taught Artists Everywhere

Shannon is a self-taught makeup artist who is mixing bright with edgy and creating some insanely gorgeous looks.

Often, beauty bloggers and makeup artists find their niche in either bright, fun and light-hearted looks or instead, opt for darker colors and lean toward an edgier vibe. However, Shannon, the makeup artist behind @beautyandthebeests Instagram account, is finding her place somewhere in the middle, and it's insanely mesmerizing.

The 21-year-old self-taught makeup artist and body painter became interested in cosmetics during high school. However, it wasn't until she successfully recreated a YouTuber's cracked doll body paint for a Halloween costume that her passion really took off, and we're so glad it did.


Like any true artist, the world surrounding her is the main inspiration behind most of her insanely cool looks, whether it's the outdoors, movies, or even famous pieces of art.

"Anything can inspire me at any moment," she tells MORE, and it's obvious she has a lot of muses.

No two looks resemble each other on Shannon's page, and with the massive number of makeovers on her account, that's a serious feat. She can do anything, from a gorgeous everyday glam to terrifying Halloween makeovers, all the way to abstract art that covers the entirety of her face. However, combining the fun, bright-colored looks with a darker twist seems to be one of her specialties, and if you ask us, it's most definitely working.


"Don't let anyone make you think you are weird or different because you want to wear makeup or paint yourself a million colors," Shannon tells MORE. "Do what you love and enjoy it!"

That's a piece of advice we can definitely get behind. Take a look at a few of our favorites from Shannon's looks, and check out her Instagram account for more of her inspirational pieces of mind and incredible looks!