Amazon Shoppers Say This Popular Lip Balm Will Save Your Dry Lips

by Caroline Harris

Amazon Shoppers Say This Popular Lip Balm Will Save Your Dry Lips
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Struggling with dry, chapped lips in the winter is a common concern. As temperatures drop, there’s less moisture in the air so lips start to get parched and tight. Add lipsticks, lattes and kissing to the mix and you have a recipe for irritated lips! That’s why you need a lip balm you can trust.


Amazon shoppers are obsessed with the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm. With over 2,800 top ratings, this product relieves damaged lips for a soft, hydrated pout. Get smoother lips in time for Valentine’s Day with this “holy grail” balm. It comes in flavors from “Lemon & Shea Butter” to “Black Tea & Blackberry” so you’re sure to find a taste you love.


This wonder balm is $8, which we know is more than the average lip balm, but the results make it worth the money. One reviewer wrote, “I have literally spent hundreds (maybe thousands) of dollars on lip balms, treatments and creams trying to soothe my constantly dry lips…. Although the price seemed a bit steep (and I had never heard of the brand), I had one of those ‘Why not!?!’ moments, and I clicked away. From the first application, I knew I had found a winner…. I can smile again without my lips cracking and bleeding.”


The ingredients list is impressive. Shea butter and avocado oil naturally exfoliate for “beautifully moisturized” lips, according to reviewers. Vitamin E boosts healing antioxidants, while green tea adds anti-inflammatory properties for extra soothing. Plus, this balm is dermatologist tested, paraben free and cruelty free.


While you’re at it, protect your future pout! You know the importance of slathering on sunscreen, but don’t forget about your lips. This Jack Black product carries an SPF 25 rating for all your outdoor adventures. Like sunscreen, lip balm goes a long way in preventing skin cancer and sun damage.


Your lips go through a lot during wintry weather, so you want more than a temporary fix. The long-lasting powers of the Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm make it the best in class. One happy customer appreciates how “the balm stays on for hours.”


What are you waiting for? Part with your typical tube, and mouth off in this much-loved lip balm.


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