Job Interview Makeup: Looking Good & Getting the Gig!

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Job Interview Makeup: Looking Good & Getting the Gig!

When I think of the things I dislike most, job interviews are certainly up there. Job interviews can make you nervous, unsure of yourself, sweaty and panicked. You need all the confidence boosters you can get—and good job interview makeup can do just that.

It's actually quite simple to create a polished and professional look that will tell potential employers, this girl has it together and then some. The right job interview makeup gives you the confidence you need to do these three things:

  1. To be taken seriously
  2. To look work-place appropriate and put together
  3. To get the job!

The Major Don'ts

  • Nothing that distracts. The interviewer needs to focus on what you say, not what's on your eyes.
  • Nothing sloppy. Even wiggly eyeliner can read "I was rushed" and "I don't pay attention to details" to a potential employer.
  • No red lips. Even if you're a red lip girl, this can be too distracting, and red is a color our brains perceive as caution, danger, warning.
  • No glitter. No ifs, ands or buts. Matte finishes look most natural and least-distracting.
  • Avoid shine. You could appear sweaty and flustered if you're too glowing.
  • Avoid bright or trendy colors. This is not the time to go avant garde. Neutrals are a safe and flattering choice.

To create a look that is classic, understated and non-distracting, simply follow along with this video tutorial!


1. Starting with a primed face and eyelids, apply a warm, matte brown shadow to your crease with a fluffy crease brush. I like Lt Brown from LORAC. You'll see me start almost every single eye look this very same way. It just lays the groundwork for everything to come.

2. Now, taking a flat shader brush, press a matte, rosy brown shade all over the lid, taking it up to meet the crease color. I'm using a rosy-toned brown from Stila because I have green eyes, and this will contrast nicely! An interviewer is going to be looking for eye contact so you want to make sure your eyes are extra impressive today.

3. To define the lash line subtly, sketch a dark brown pencil liner along the lash line and immediately smudge out the line with a pencil brush. A wiggly line of eye liner with gaps will tell the most perceptive interviewer that you may not be a stickler for the details! I like dark brown over black for daytime wear, and it does more for eye color enhancement, too.

4. Now curl your lashes to open up those eyes even more. Looking wide-awake, interested and alert is important at a job interview.

5. Coat your lashes with a mascara that is buildable and not prone to spider lashes. I love L'Oreal Voluminous. Always have, always will.

6. Now let's talk coverage. Even if you're normally a tinted moisturizer girl, erasing blemishes and any signs that you may not have a healthy skin-care routine is key today! Use a medium to full coverage foundation, applied with a Beautyblender, for a natural, seamless application with no brush strokes.

7. Conceal under-eye circles by drawing a fan shape with a cream concealer like Maybelline Dream Lumi and blending with the pointed end of your wet Beautyblender.

8. Now set all your hard work with a translucent setting powder like Tarte Smooth Operator.

9. The appearance of health is imperative to a potential employer, wondering how many sick days you'll be using up. Create a healthy flush in the cheeks with a matte blush like bareMinerals READY blush in 'The Faux Paus'.

10. Since your brows are your main expressors and pull together your look, a little definition goes a long way. A brow powder gives just enough while still looking soft and natural. I love Anastasia Beverly Hills Powder Duo.

11. A lot of focus will be on your lips also while you're giving answers to all the questions you'll be asked. A lipstick with a satin finish is just hydrating enough, and a neutral color doesn't need touching up as meticulously as bolder colors do. Plus, it's much less obvious if a neutral lipstick gets on your teeth a little! L'Oreal's Colour Riche Lipstick in Fairest Nude is a go-to nude shade.

12. For a little extra hydration, top your nude lipstick with a nude gloss. NYX Butter Gloss in Tirimisu is non-sticky, and it feels and smells great!

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