Jordyn Wieber’s Post-Competition Makeover

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Jordyn Wieber’s Post-Competition Makeover

When she was done competing in the London Olympics, Jordyn Wieber headed over to the P&G Family Home to for some much-deserved pampering. We took the opportunity to chat with the gold medalist about her makeup routine, as well as the ups and downs of the competition.

DivineCaroline: As far as makeup, how do you prepare for a big competition such as The Olympics?
Jordyn Wieber: Basically I try to do my hair and make-up in a way that makes me feel confident. It is so important to feel confident when you are in a big competition such as this one

DC: Does your make-up change based on the outfit you wear to compete?
JW: Yes. One day I wore red, white and blue so on that day I highlighted my eyes in blue. That was fun and festive.

DC: How long does it take you to do your hair and make-up?
JW: To get ready it takes me about 15-20-minutes.

DC: You just got a big make-over at the P&G Family Home’s Beauty Spa. Tell me about why you chose this look?
JW: When the stylist asked me what I wanted I told them I love the smoky eye look and a little curl in my hair. I think it is a fun look.

DC: Why the smoky eye?
JW: Because it brings out my eye color the best. Because I have goldish color eyes I wanted to do a darker eye shadow to really help them stand out. I like this look especially when I am competing.

DC: For your hair style of choice you went for the down and wavy look. Why?
JW: It is my favorite and one I find hard to do myself. I don’t get the time to style it like this very often and when I do I need to wear it in a ponytail to compete. When my hair is down like this it makes me feel fun, confident and I love the flowy curls.

DC: I see your leg is in a cast from a fracture. How are you feeling?
JW: I am feeling pretty good. It is not too bad. I was able to deal with it while I was competing and stayed strong for the sake of my team.

DC: Where did you find the strength to compete with an injury such as this?
JW: I kept reminding myself, this is the Olympics. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I probably won’t be at another Olympics so I have to fight through it. I also thought about my team and I knew I had to come through for them. We all came together, worked so hard and if one of us came down then all of us would come down. I had to stay strong for them.

DC: Is it hard for you to be on the sidelines?
JW: I am handling everything just fine. Overall, this has been an amazing experience and I got to come out of it with a gold medal with my team. That is more than anyone could ask for.

DC: Regardless of everything you are still a gold medalist. Has that sunk it?
JW: It is starting to sink in now that I am on the media rounds. It is still so surreal. When you add the fact I am here in London it makes everything more exciting.

DC: Do you like being a celebrity?
JW: (laughs) it is fun. I have gotten to do some fun stuff. Plus, at 17 I can say I did stuff most girls have never ever deamed. It is pretty cool and I am trying to enjoy every moment.