My Favorite Lipstick Gives the Most Extreme Pop of Color—And 95% of Sephora Reviewers Agree

by admin

My Favorite Lipstick Gives the Most Extreme Pop of Color—And 95% of Sephora Reviewers Agree

My love letter to Kat Von D's super pigmented lipstick.

Dear Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick,

In short, you make me feel like a badass.

I’m no “spend an hour on my makeup” kind of woman—mostly because I’m probably already running late—but you sure know how to make me look like a polished rockstar before I walk out the door with one or two swipes. What I’m saying is: Holy color bomb.

You, Kat Von D Studded Kiss Crème Lipstick, you really pack a wallop. I own you in so many colors at this point, but my absolute favorites are “L.U.V.,” a satin-matte ultra-violet that immediately gives me an edge, and “Crush,” the hottest magenta that just exudes summer—seriously, swipe that on in the depths of winter and just be transported. (Ahem, “Crush” is out of stock on your website, but don’t think I didn’t notice it’s currently on sale at Sephora for nearly half off.)

kat von d studded kiss lipstick in hot pink crush

The "Crush" shade IRL

Sure, I have to (impatiently) count to 120 in my head before I move my lips after I apply or else I’ll have crazy color streaks on my teeth, chin (somehow), cuffs of my sleeves (again, somehow?), fingers, and wine glass, but it’s worth the wait. Then, once that’s set, for the most part, you do not budge. One time, I was at a wine tasting in “Lovecraft,” and had a sip from literally dozens of glasses and while I could see some smudging on the rims, by the end of the day, my lips still looked vibrant. Maybe this is your brand-new formula introduced last year, but even my pre-2018 Studded Kiss lipsticks have staying power.

My Kat Von D lipstick at the end of a long day.

I’m officially a convert from my usual liquid lipstick that was high impact, sure, but sucked all the hydration out of my lips. Even in the winter, when I’m on a constant lip scrub and lip balm regimen, I can feel good using my KVD. I didn’t know that a tube of lipstick could be so highly pigmented. Seriously, I do a quick concealer, a little bronzer, and mascara (Too Faced Better Than Sex, of course), and that’s all I need before the crème lipstick tops it off and gives everything a punch up. But on nights out, it takes a smoky eye to a new, amplified level. Even pulling this studded, black tube out of my clutch for an after-dinner touch up feels so rocker chic. (Did I mention everything about you makes me feel like a rockstar?)

Thankfully, I can also feel great buying, because this lipstick is vegan and cruelty-free. And I don’t have to stop buying anytime soon because there are 40 shades in various finishes I cannot wait to try: black lipstick, a gray shade that channels Beyoncé that I’m working up the courage to wear, nudes, purples, greens and blues, and so many berries and oranges and reds and pinks. And did I already thank you for the “White Out” shade that mixes and adjusts the colors? I will basically never run out of colors. Next, I need to get my hands on fan-fave "Lolita II," a shade so good you had to make it twice.

I’m not the only one in love, either. On Sephora, 95 percent of customers would recommend.

“I have worn this lipstick every single day since It arrived, and I’m not a lipstick person. It smells AMAZING, like cupcakes, glides on!” says one reviewer.

“Went on a dinner date with it, and it lasted all the way till I get home. It’s creamy and I didn’t get dry looking lips despite it being matte!” writes another.

“This lipstick is the lipstick of my dreams,” says a reviewer on the Kat Von D website, and all I can say is: Same.

I’d seal this love letter with a kiss, but my lipstick won’t budge.