Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics Is Coming And We Have All The Swatches

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Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics Is Coming And We Have All The Swatches

Three new lippies and three new mini eyeshadow palettes. It's about time the eldest of the Kardashian clan got her time in the spotlight.

We’ve seen her pair up with Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, and even her daughter Stormi, but now Kylie Jenner is teaming up with her oldest big sister for a sure-to-be sell-out collaboration. Yes, it’s time for Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics—and we have all the swatches.

Kylie’s newest collaboration—or should we say “kollaboration”—will include three new lipsticks and three new mini eyeshadow palettes. It’s set to drop April 24—almost a year to the day of the launch of KKW x Kylie—but the lipstick queen has graced us with an early sneak peek of everything we can expect on her Instagram story.

The three eyeshadow mini palettes are dubbed Blue, Pink, and Green, and each palette is (duh) designed to correspond to that color.

First up is Blue.

kourt x kylie swatch of blue palette

The palette seems to follow the trend of warm gold, copper, and bronze tones—think Urban Decay’s Naked Heat. But that yellowish gold in the top left? It’s called 1944 and it’s a real standout.

Check out the swatches on Kylie’s arm and you’ll see the bright yellow tones really popping. Yellow, after all, is a major shadow and highlighter trend going into the summer.

kourt x kylie swatches of eyeshadow

Next is the pink palette.

kourt x kylie pink palette eyeshadow

The color palette still pops but with slightly more subdued, sandy and rust tones. You can see the real difference in pigmentation in Kylie’s arm swatches.

kourt x kylie pink palette swatches on kylie jenner's arm

Oh, and here’s where Kylie gives us a shade name to end all shade names: The gold color in the bottom right is called Gluten-Free, an ode to Kourtney Kardashian’s eating habits.

kylie jenner eyeshadow shade gluten free

Finally we have the green palette, and it really brings the heat.

kourt x kylie cosmetics green palette

The darkest silver shade is called Matcha, and we’re obsessed. Just imagine using a liner brush with this to make a dark sparkle smoky eye line. And that bursting-with-color red? Meet MA$E. Kylie’s swatches really show the hyper pigmentation of these two shades in particular. They mean business.

kylie jenner eyeshadow swatches

And now Kylie Cosmetics collection would be complete without some new lippies. The three new shades are called French Kiss, Minnie, and Rad—a light nude, mauve pink, and red, respectively—celebrating Kourt’s three go-to lipstick shade types.

kylie cosmetics lippies


kylie cosmetics lipstick swatches

Kylie shows off our favorite shade of the three, Minnie, and it looks so darn good on. 

kourt x kylie cosmetics kylie jenner wearing minnie lipstick

Plus, they’re both rocking Rad in the promo picture on Instagram.

Everything in the Kourt x Kylie Cosmetics collection is wrapped up in trendy holographic packaging that we’ll feel a little bad tearing open to get to the good stuff.

kourt x kylie cosmetics packaging

Now that we’ve done KKW x Kylie, Koko x Kylie, and Kourt x Kylie, we’re not trying to be greedy but can we get the long-anticipated Kendall x Kylie Cosmetics collaboration now? We see you, Kylie: Our calendar is marked for April 23, 2019.