A Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Morning Routine That will Leave You Looking Flawless

by admin

A Lazy Girl’s Guide to the Morning Routine That will Leave You Looking Flawless

Tired of putting in hours prepping hair, makeup, and outfits? Look no further than these five foolproof tips for cutting time in your morning routine and reducing the effort it takes to get ready for work, class, parties, or any other events. Be the working girl who looks effortless without the extra effort.

The continually sought-after effortless look is achievable by incorporating into your morning routine these five tips that will cut time and bring big results. Go from "too busy" to "prepared and ready" with the help of these tips for fashion, hair, and makeup.

1. Prep your hair the night before. Know that you're going to curl your hair in the morning? Save time by blow-drying and straightening your hair the night before. This ensures that your hair is curl-ready first thing in the morning. Try this blow-dry serum from Kenra for a speedy drying process. The time you save can be put into styling a perfect outfit.

2. Use a quality eye cream. Tired of layering on the concealer to cover tired eyes in the morning? Prevent the problem ahead of time by using a quality eye cream that will help to ease the look of tired eyes. Try this amazing ultimate lift eye gel from Ole Henriksen. Looking awake is the best way to pull off the "I woke up like this" caption on your Insta.

3. Incorporate coconut oil into your daily regimen. This miracle-working product has many uses and will help you save time in the morning. Whether it is for your hair, body, or lips, coconut oil will ensure that you look great without having to use a multitude of products.

4. Plan outfits ahead of time. Utilize the night before for outfit prep so you look fashion-forward and put-together for work or class in the morning. Let yourself sleep for a few extra minutes by cutting this out of your morning routine.

5. Stay organized. Many say that an organized life is a happy life, and this purposeful daily step will take away a look of morning stress and frustration. Set aside 10–20 minutes a day to organize yourself, and you'll be all set. Need tips on staying organized? Look no further than this expert advice from none other than Lauren Conrad.