Liner Love: The Best Fall Eyeliners

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Liner Love: The Best Fall Eyeliners

Fall is the perfect time to play around with bold makeup looks including eyeliner! Whether it’s a pencil liner or liquid, you can get creative and come up with a look that’s bold and edgy or sexy and sultry. Now is the time!

Recently I got my hands on some extraordinary eyeliners from Sigma, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Eyeko. There’s a lot that goes into making the perfect eyeliner, and all three brands have it: waterproof and smudge-proof, highly pigmented color, and a formula that’s easy to apply.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Eye Covet Waterproof Eyeliner Set
Talk about a comprehensive liner kit! I tried the Covet Eyeliner some months back in Noir, just a standard, deep black shade. I was so impressed with the staying power of this liner and just how dark it shows up. Luckily, the set includes Noir and six other gorgeous shades: From top to bottom on my hand you’ve got Noir, Steel, Gilded, Azure, Lavish, Absynthe, and Midnight. I use Gilded practically every day; it’s the perfect brown liner for a soft, everyday look, and when I want to kick it up a notch I use Midnight or Lavish, both of which have little specks of micro glitter. But no matter which shade you try, each one will dry to a super opaque, matte finish.

Why I love it: These pencils are more compact than most liners. They’re super slim and come with an already-sharp point so they’re perfect for when you travel. And $30 for seven high-quality eyeliners is an absolute steal!


Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liners
If you’re looking for a smudge-able liner for those smoky eyes, look no further —the Sigma Extended Wear Eye Liner is it! Though they’re 100 percent waterproof, these pencils are extremely creamy and glide right on. A lot of times eyeliners tend to be too dry and cause tugging on your eyes—which is the last thing you want to do to your sensitive eye area. The soft Sigma pencils are ideal for a standard liner look or for when you want to blur out the line with a little smudge action. And the price point is extremely affordable at just $9 per liner! Top to bottom: Boost, Declare, Balance, Downplay, Focus, Enlighten, and Drift.

Why I love it: When you buy a set of three liners, you get a Sigma eyeshadow brush along with it, each set with a different brush. I love the neutral kit!


Eyeko Liquid Metal Eyeliner
These liners are brand new from Eyeko and my absolute must-have product for the fall! These drool-worthy waterproof liquid liners come in two colors: Black Onyx and Rose Gold. What a genius move to make a liquid liner in this gorgeous shade of glimmering gold—it’s the perfect addition to your makeup wardrobe for a dramatic fall and winter. The Black Onyx is about as black as liner can get, and the Rose Gold can be used as a traditional liner or as a highlight for the inner corners of your eyes. If you feel like getting dramatic, cover your lids with the Rose Gold and be prepared to hypnotize with your eyes!

Why I love it: The twist-up design allows you to dispense enough product to just glide the color on in one, quick swipe. You can’t ask for anything better in a liquid liner than ease of use!

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