MAC’s Pizza Cutter Eyeliner Is A Slice Of Makeup Magic

by admin

MAC’s Pizza Cutter Eyeliner Is A Slice Of Makeup Magic

Eyeliner disasters are soon to be makeup meltdowns of the past, thanks to the impending arrival of MAC's new "pizza cutter" eyeliner tool. Equipped with a rolling disc on the applicator, you're sure to get an even line every time.

For some, creating a perfect winged eyeliner look is next to impossible (still struggling AF over here). Even if you're an extremely skilled makeup artist, it takes years of practice to execute a super sharp line across both eyelids. But fear not fellow makeup enthusiasts, for MAC Cosmetics has recently teased a new liquid eyeliner product sure to change your makeup routine in exchange for some dough.

Pro makeup artist Michael Patterson loves to experiment with the latest cosmetics on the market, so we're not surprised he was the first to play with MAC's new "pizza cutter" eyeliner during New York Fashion Week. Claiming the new product gives "razor sharp definition," the liquid liner features a tiny roller in the same vein as your favorite pizza-slicing tool. And what better combo is there than pizza and makeup? None. Absolutely none.

Like wow. We've never been more mesmerized by a liquid liner in our lives. But wait, there's more!

Not only does this miracle product exist, but it's also available in three different shades! You can choose from patent black, matte black, and matte brown (sounds a bit like picking out a new nail polish, no?).

We think MAC is truly on a roll with this pizza cutter eyeliner. While we anxiously wait for a release date, we'll order pizza in the meantime.