Make a Statement with This Colorful Gradient Eyeliner

by admin

Make a Statement with This Colorful Gradient Eyeliner

Ombre is everything, and there's no reason it shouldn't be on those lids for spring! Colorful eyeliner like this will have you looking like a makeup maestro; but don't worry, it looks more complicated than it is. Now, let's start impressing people with your makeup skills.

You'll need four shades of related color eyeliners to create this gradient effect. We used blue-greens, but you could easily replicate the look with shades of purple, mixed metallics, or anything really! The key to this colorful eyeliner fade is starting with the lighter colors on the inner part of the eye to highlight and open up the eye shape. By gradually using darker shades as you move outward, you are creating an elongated, sexy eye shape.

Colorful Ombre Liner: Steps 1-2

1. Begin by sketching your first color from the inner corner, stopping just before the center point of your top lid. We used one of my favorite mint greens, Stila Smudge Stick in "Turquoise."

2. Taking your second color, a shade darker than your first, begin by slightly overlapping the end of the first line, and draw to just past the center of the lid. We used another Stila Smudge Stick.

Colorful Ombre Liner: Steps 3-4

3. With a third color, like Avon Supershock Gel Eye Liner in Aqua Pop, draw from the end of your second line, extending just beyond the eye. We are starting to transition our greens into blue with this shade.

4. For the grand finale, use a cobalt liquid liner to wing out your line, extending past the corner of your eye, upward toward your brow. Our favorite liner for this is SEPHORA Colorful Waterproof Eyeliner in Pool Party.

Colorful Ombre Liner: Step 5

5. Voila—a colorful eyeliner look that doesn't need shadow if you don't want it. I finished with several coats of mascara and a nude, glossy lip to keep the look light, fun, and fresh for spring.

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